Q4’19 FAL Plans

I did reasonably well during Q3 and finished 3 of my 7 planned goals.  Not bad!  I also started A LOT of projects, so hopefully the cooler weather will give me lots of time to work on all this stuff.

1.  Big Blue Plus:  This guy is mostly done, just binding left (this was the fabric pull from last quarter)

2.  Dots:  I bought a backing for Dots, but still need to square it up and quilt it:

3.  Purple X:  I prepped the backing during Q3, but still need to quilt this guy:

4.  Han and Leia:  I made these blocks to hang in my office and join my Death Star.  I’m just going to quilt them up as mini quilts:

5.  Wavelength:  I finished the quilt top and bought a backing, so just need to quilt up this guy:

6.  Spinning Stars:  Still trying to figure out what to do with these blocks…

7.  Hartman Cats:  I have this quilt all cut out and ready to piece

8.  Ghosts:  I just love this pattern from Then Came June & Pen + Paper Patterns.  I loved it last year and never really let it go. so this year I decided to make one of my own.  It will be fun to work on during October.

9.  Peg’s Chickens:  My friend Peg really liked my chicken quilts from last quarter, but those were made as charity quilts with my International Bee.  I’m in the process of making a new one for her.

10.  Christmas Runner:  I’ve seen really cute runners with paper pieced trees, so I’m going to try to get one done before December.

11.  Cosmos:  I started making these blocks with  couple of friends in August.  It was a really great way to use up my stash of black and white fat quarters, and I love the teal grunge.  The top is done, so I need to choose a backing and quilt it.

I also need to quilt my International Bee Group’s Charity Quilt Submission for QuiltCon, so lots and lots of time at the long arm planned for Q4.

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7 thoughts on “Q4’19 FAL Plans”
    1. Thanks! I got the idea from the plus quilt you made…keep your eyes out for my next post…your inspiration is all over it! I was playing around with different shapes with 2″ squares, but mainly I just came up with the + and a big X. Still thinking about other shapes. The Big X should be fun to quilt.

  1. So many great projects to work on! I especially love the dots quilt. I hope that you get to enjoy making progress on some of these this quarter. On behalf of the entire FAL crew, thanks for joining in.

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