Christmas Runner

Last year when I was getting out our Christmas decorations I had the great idea to do a table runner.  I have a bunch of quilty friends that make a lot of table runners, I knew I had a bunch of grunge I could use, and it seemed silly to be using my year-round runner under my Christmas things.  I think I went in to my sewing room and pulled fabric right then….and then it sat in the bag for 11 months.

Around mid-November I decided I better get my act in gear!  I saw this cute Christmas tree pattern from Center Street Quilts on one social media feed or another and went to her Etsy store and bought it (for $1.00!! what a deal).  Here’s the link.

I started by just making a bunch of little trees to get a feel for them.  The trees are really pretty small in scale, so I had to play around with setting ideas to ensure the trees didn’t get overwhelmed.

Here is the finished runner top:

I like the splashes of icy blue!

I made a red scrappy binding.  I’ve been doing most of my bindings by machine lately.

Here is the completed runner on it’s table:

I did triangular dot-to-dot quilting in the trees and a swirly design in the background that kind of looks like swirly snow.

Here it is again after loading it up with all my Christmas stuff:

I think it came out great!  I’m so happy I got it done this year.

This was a finish on my Q4’19 FAL list (though it was only a bag of fabric at that point!) so I will be posting it on the FAL linky at the end of the quarter.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Runner”
  1. Beautifully quilted! The blue bits of fabric in the sashing are a fun touch!. We have the Willow Tree nativity too. Isn’t it so sweet?

    1. Thank you so much! It was small and fun to quilt. I really wanted to add that blue in because it reminds me of cold winter days, and I think it gives the red and green a pop. My aunt gave that nativity set to me many years ago and I enjoy it every year – it always makes me think of her!

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