Chicken Quilts

My international quilting bee group took on a different format this year where we focused more on making blocks for charity quilts.  I found the greatest Chicken Quilt Block Tutorial by Sew Inspired online and asked my mates to make them.  The block pattern/tutorial was a bit unclear as to which way the big block was oriented – one way made a narrow chicken and the other a wide chicken.  As a result, I made and received some of each, so I made two quilts.

This is the wide chicken quilt:

Here’s a close up of the quilting.  It is a pantograph called ‘Boing’.  Kind of like springs – lots of swirlies.

The narrow chicken quilt:

This pantograph is called Stipple Flowers.

This is the back – I used the same backing for both quilts.

It is the cutest chicken fabric in the world!

These quilts were a ton of fun, and my bee mates did a great job with the blocks.  They are fun blocks to make…in fact I might be making more now!

Wide Chicken Final Details:

  • Finished 46″x58″
  • I’m not actually sure what the batting is.  I got a bunch of leftovers from a quilting class I took and decided just to use it.  I think it is a poly blend of some kind.
  • So Fine#50, color #503 (light grey) on both the top and bobbin
  • Pantograph is Boing from Anne Bright Designs
  • Around 75,000 total quilting stitches.

Narrow Chicken Final Details:

  • Finished 49″x55″
  • Same mystery batting as Wide above
  • So Fine#50, color #503 (light grey) on both the top and bobbin.  The thread color on this one was tough with the black sashing and the white background on the blocks.  I started with a darker gray but it was way too dark.  The light grey worked out a lot better.
  • Pantograph is Stipple Flowers from Anne Bright Designs
  • 53,820 total quilting stitches

Link Ups:

  • This was a finish on my Q3’19 FAL list so I will be posting it on the FAL linky right now because it closes soon!
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    1. Thank you so much, and thanks for stopping by! We all loved making your blocks, and most everyone who sees them asks me where I found the pattern. Thanks for putting your chickens out there for us to make!

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