Dots Quilt Finish

We are SO CLOSE to the end of 2020 and I’m rushing to get all of my finishes from the year captured!  I actually did a lot of sewing during the year but for some reason just wasn’t in the mood for blogging.  I do want to make sure I capture all my finishes though, so here is the finished Dots quilt.

I finished this quilt top back in mid-2019 and wrote about the design and construction process here.  For the quilting, I wanted to do a lot of practice and try out a lot of patterns.  I’ve quilted a few quilts that were mainly made up of thin strips and it is fun to just throw in different designs.

Here is the finished quilt, photographed this summer in Pagosa Springs, Colorado:


In retrospect I should have done something else in the dot strips as you really can’t see the quilting in those sections on the front.  The dot strips have echoed diamonds in them (a dot-to-dot pattern), then various fillers that move across the diamond – wishbones, feathers, arcs, bouncing pebbles).  It is likely that just the dot-to-dot lines would have been enough.  The grey solid strips have serpentines, feathers, half-feathers, arcs, swirls, back and forth lines, echoed pebbles, etc…).  Lots of fun to practice and try out a lot of things.


The back is really cool though, and another inspiration for me to finally do a whole cloth quilt.



I will tell you this took a REALLY long time to quilt and there are a LOT of stitches!



Dots Details:

  • Finished 52″x65″
  • Warm and Natural Batting
  • So Fine light grey in the top and the bobbin
  • 258,587 total quilting stitches
8 thoughts on “Dots Quilt Finish”
    1. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. I need to learn (again) that heavy quilting doesn’t show up very well in busy fabrics. But it was fun and I’m happy with how it came out.

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