Bloggers Quilt Festival – Wolfe Creek – Fall 2016

I just learned about this event yesterday – the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  Evidently Amy (of Amy’s Creative Side) hosts this event twice a year, and now is the time for the fall edition.  You can enter 2 quilts across many categories.  Looks like fun, so I thought, why not?


My first entry is my Wolfe Creek Quilt, which I designed for my Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild’s June challenge (see more about it in my post here).  The challenge was to create a Modern Quilt using fabrics we got in a swap.  It was designed and made for a Modern Challenge, so I’m entering it into the Modern Category!

Wolfe Creek


The ‘river’ hexies are made-fabric from the swap fabric I received, and use the Victoria Findlay Wolfe hexie acrylic template I bought while taking her workshop in Albuquerque.  The red is a Modern Grunge, and the entire background is made up of hexies (so lots of y-seams!).

I had a lot of fun quilting this quilt.  I did long, windy lines in the river to represent water.  In the red I did leaves on the bottom, medium-sized swirls in the middle, and larger swirls on the top to represent wind.  The water was quilted with Aurifil 4663 – a blue and white variegated thread.  The background is free motion quilted using Aurifil 2605 – a nice gray.

front detail

front detail swirls

I had more fun with the label!

patch detail


I’m going to also enter the Cloud9 blog hop block design quilt I just finished in the Small Quilt category – it is too big for the mini definition.  I’ll post that entry tomorrow!


Wolfe Creek

This is a fun finish to share as I’m really happy with all the things I accomplished with this quilt.  I’ll be honest, it is probably not going to be one of my favorites astetcically, but in terms of taking on challenges and working outside my comfort zone it is one of the favorite quilts I have ever done.

I wrote about where this quilt came from and the process to create it in two prior posts (here and here).  In short, I got the 4 fabrics for the river hexies from my Albuquerque Modern Quit Guild meeting in June, where we were challenged with the random fabric swap to create a Modern Quilt.  I made the hexies after my Victoria Findlay Wolfe workshop later in June.  The red background fabric is a Modern Grunge, and is also all hexies (so lots of y-seam piecing!)  I am calling the quilt ‘Wolfe Creek’ because the ski area near Pagosa Springs, Colorado where we spend a lot of time, and whose rivers inspired the river in this quilt, is called Wolf Creek.  I changed the Wolf to Wolfe in honor of Victoria Findlay Wolfe, whose class was also a huge inspiration for the project.

We got to go to Pagosa this past weekend, so I took the opportunity to do a quilty photo shoot!

Here she is:

Wolfe Creek - in front of Pagosa Peak
Wolfe Creek – in front of Pagosa Peak


full quilt bench


full quilt grass

full quilt inside

I used my walking foot to do meandering lines through the river using Aurifil 4663 – a blue and white variegated thread.  The background is free motion quilted using Aurifil 2605 – a nice gray.  I quilted leaves in the bottom third of the quilt, smaller spirals in the middle, then larger spirals in the top third.  The leaves represent the land and growth around the river, and the spirals the air and the wind through the mountains.  I’m really happy with how the quilting turned out.

Some close-ups so you can see the quilting:

front detail

front detail 2

From the back:

back w detail

back river detail

I’m also pretty happy with the label on the back.  I made a bunch of mini-hexies to mimic the river hexies on the front, and added reference to ABQMQG challenge and Victoria’s class.

full back grass

patch detail

I had a great time making this one and was so happy with how it came together.  I’m looking forward to taking it to my next Guild Meeting where we all are going to reveal our challenge creations.  Should be fun!

me by river


This quilt was on my Q3 FAL list, so I’ll be linking up there at the end of the quarter.


2016 button 250 best 150

Linking up with the Q3 FAL finish page.

Scrappy Hexagon Quilt Top

A few weeks or so ago I wrote about the scrappy hexagons I made after taking Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s 15 Minutes of Play class.  Next step in the process – making the quilt top!

These were the hexagons:

random hexies

They were made from my 4 cuts of fabric I got at my ABQMQG’s June meeting challenge.  I was lucky they all blended together pretty well.  The challenge was to reference the Modern Quilt Guild’s definition of a Modern Quilt and use those attributes to make a modern quilt with the 4 cuts of fabric acquired at the meeting.  I had already achieved one attribute – improv piecing.  As I only had about 12 hexies to use for the quilt, I had my eye on using the “alternate grid work” and “expansive negative space” attributes as well.

In her class, Victoria recommends the use of a design wall to really look at your quilt as it is being made.  I don’t really have room in my sewing room for a full-time design wall, but I hung up some batting temporarily to use to place my blocks.  This was my first idea for a setting:

first layout

I was thinking a vertical line, with a few random hexies off to the side.  I also toyed with the idea of pulling a hexie or two out of the line, leaving holes that would be filled with background fabric.  I thought this layout was ok, but I really wasn’t finding it very interesting.

We spend a lot of time in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and to get there from Albuquerque you drive through Northern New Mexico.  It is a beautiful area with red rocks and pretty streams, and you might know that Georgia O’Keeffe spent a lot of time there.  I have this print hanging in my house and I love it – it is called Rio Chama, or Blue River…I’ve seen it listed as both.

georgia painting
Georgia O’Keeffe – Rio Chama. Print from the Georgia O’Keeffe museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Just looking at this painting makes me happy and makes me think of all the wonderful time we’ve spent up north.

I had taken my hexies to Victoria’s lecture while she was here, and when I shared them with her she picked up on the blue scrap in each of the hexies and noticed that you could arrange them to highlight those edges of blue.  Between that observation and the painting, I changed the layout to this:

design wall

It looks to me like a river running through the red rocks.  And I had this zig zag fabric that I thought looked like the mountains around Pagosa, so I put one hexie of that fabric in the upper right to represent the mountains.

I was able to make a few more hexies to pull out more of that blue, and oriented the zig-zag hexie to look more like mountains.  This is the final layout:

final mockup

This really made my skirt fly up, as Victoria would say.  The red is a Modern Grunge fabric, and I really like the contrast it gives to the green/blue hexies.  And I just love my river!

I made the whole thing out of hexagons rather than doing the red in one large solid piece so I could drop in those random hexies in the negative space, and so I could practice doing y-seams.  I made a baby’s block quilt a long time ago and nearly quit due to frustration with all those y-seams.  Victoria showed us how to do them more easily and I wanted to practice.  I will say that the first few were a bit rough, but I got on a roll and they got easier.





So now on to quilt it!  I have some good ideas for what I want to do, using the river/mountain/nature theme and using my recent machine quilting study.  I think it will be cool.

Lastly, here is Maggie working hard, helping me with the layout.

Maggie helping

Corgi life is so hard.

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