Ribbons for Big Purple X

Every other year the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council holds their largest event, the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta. There is a large juried quilt show with both modern and traditional categories and a large vendor hall. This year Fiesta was held in May, and I entered two quilts – my Albuquerque 2020 temperature quilt and Big Purple X. I was really proud of the quilting on Big Purple X, but one big reason I entered both of these quilts was because I already had taken photos of them both!

I wrote about Big Purple X here.  It was mainly a scrap quilt I made to practice new quilting techniques.  I enjoyed picking out a bunch of new things I learned in classes and books and then figuring out a plan to incorporate them in to this quilt.  I loved quilting it and was so happy with how it came out.

I was so pleased when I showed up at the Fiesta and learned Big Purple X won Best Movable Machine Quilted for the show.  There are many very talented quilters who enter their work so it was such an honor to win this ribbon.  It won 2nd place in it’s category as well.

I entered it in QuiltCon 2022 but it was not selected for the show.  Next year (2023) is the 10th year of QuiltCon so they are doing a special exhibit featuring quilts with ‘X’s in them.  I think I’ll try again – I seem to do better with QuiltCon special exhibits than with the main show!

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