Sugar Block Club 3.0 – Quilt Layout

I’ve written about this project before (herehere and here), but the short story is that my Modern Quilt Guild decided to do Amy Gibson’s (of Stitchery Dickory Dock) Sugar Block Club BOM this year.  The club features clean designs and are a good opportunity to apply a modern take to traditional blocks.

I did a good job of keeping up with the blocks and actually finished the December block on time, and early in December.  From there, it was all about figuring out how to put the quilt top together.

Sugar Block Club BOM
Sugar Block Club BOM – all my blocks!

I really wanted to avoid doing a very standard grid-like layout for a bunch of reasons.  First, I’ve done that before!  Second, I wanted to do something that had a lot of negative space so I could practice some machine quilting.  Third, I had a bunch of background fabric left over from the BOM that I wanted to use up.

I played around awhile with some drawings and eventually came up with this sketch.  The shaded areas are the 12 blocks, and the lettered boxes are the background pieces.  I grouped the pieces into common sizes to plan out the cutting.


With the plan in hand, I spend the day on New Years’ Eve day cutting up my background fabrics to the planned sizes – trying to get a balanced mix of the different types.  From there, the assembly began.  This is my ironing board set up in front of the window in my sewing room – looking out on the last day of 2016!


It took some time to get it together, and to get the balance of the different background fabrics looking right.  Here is the top all together – taken in the sunlight of the morning of New Years’ Day!


I’m pretty happy with it.  I think the blocks wound up weighted more heavily toward the bottom and I’d like to adjust that, but I’m not sure how to fix it easily.  I’ll probably sit on it a bit before making a final decision, and I do still have some quilting practice to do before I’m ready to finish this one up.  But I’m mostly happy with how this came out – happy I took a bit of a risk to do a very alternative layout that will give me lots of space for fun quilting.


July Sugar Block Club – BOM

I am LATE with this block, but I’m happy to have gotten it done in July!

We were traveling early in the month for a few weddings, but I got one last week off work before I started back to work to catch up on all my blocks.

So here it is! The Sugar Block Club July Block.

This turned out to be a cool block, and I wound up liking it much more as I put it together and finished it.  It was paper pieced, and it was fun to do such a large paper pieced block as opposed to all the teeny-tiny Splendid Sampler blocks.

This was my fabric pull for the block.  I was looking for some nice contrast between sections in the block.

fabric pull

As there were a lot of fabrics in this block I thought that making a plan before staring to cut and sew would be a good idea.

paper piecing templates

I didn’t color in all of the sections, but made enough notes in each section to make it clear to me which fabric went where.

I then started piecing, working on the A triangles first and the B triangles second.  Some of the sections were very thin, but overall it was pretty straightforward to piece.  Big pieces, and not too many of them.


After the paper piecing it was a lot of seam matching to get all of the sections together.

And then ta da!  The finished block:

July Sugar BOM

I think it’s really pretty cool!  I had been struggling with how to use the grey triangle fabric, and I think it worked out really well here.  I also like how the two different yellow and two different blue fabrics contrast and set each other off.

July is winding down and I’ll have another Sugar Block to do shortly.  I’m sure it will be another great block to play with!

Sugar Block Club – June BOM

I wrote about the BOM my Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild is doing in a previous post – Amy Gibson’s Sugar Block Club.  The June block just came out, and I did a better job wrapping it up early in the month than I did in May.

The block this month is a large Maple Leaf, and it is pretty cool.  A really great opportunity to use a bunch of colorful fabrics!

Here is what I pulled from my Basic Mixologie stack for the leaf:


I’m trying to make sure I use new fabrics in the blocks and not just the same pieces over and over.  I hadn’t used a tan fabric yet, nor had I used the orange striped fat quarter.

The block came together pretty well, but there were a lot of squares of similar sizes and I got them mixed up for a time.  It required some focus to get it sorted out, so as I was consumed by that issue I neglected to take photos as I put the block together.

So limited photos today, but here is the final product – I think it came out pretty well!


I used another cream fabric with writing on it for the background.  This time I was more comfortable with the writing going in different directions, especially as the text on the fabric as printed went in all different directions!

So now 6 of 12 complete – halfway done, and suddenly halfway through the year!  Wow.


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