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This is a good week to reflect on 2017 and make some goals for 2018.  Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs has a fun Linky Party to capture your Best of 2017, so I think I’ll use that as an excuse to look back.

1. In terms of most comments, most views, and my favorite finish, my Splendid Sampler quilt fits all the categories.  I posted about it here when I finished it, and here for the Bloggers Quilt Festival and both posts yielded many kind comments.  This quilt was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed making it and especially quilting it.  It is now hanging behind my long arm and I love looking at it.

My new quilting space

2.  My proudest finish was Modern Sugar, which was my version of the Sugar Block Club 3.0 (2016) BOM (here is the post).  This was the first ‘real’ quilt (meaning quilt I really cared about) that I quilted on my long arm.  It came out really great, and eventually won a first place ribbon and Best Modern Quilt at the New Mexico State Fair.

Modern Sugar at the NM State Fair

3.  Most fun quilt was Dwight and Rudolph – my version of Elizabeth Hartman’s Dwight the Deer pattern (posted here).  I used Christmas colors for the backgrounds and made deer with a red nose to make a Rudolph.  I also got a lot of really nice comments on this post.  I love these critter patterns and have a Hazel the Hedgehog quilt in the works now!

Dwight and Rudolph

4.  Biggest learnings – I think I’ll split this into two learnings…

so 4a.  Learning to long arm.  I bought my long arm in November 2016, so my one big goal for 2017 was to learn to use my long arm and get comfortable with it.  At the end of 2017, I can say that I love my long arm and wish I’d bought it a long time ago.  I posted my thoughts on buying a long arm here, and this is Drunken Blueberry, my most recent finish, on which I did a lot of cool free motion and ruler work that I couldn’t have imagined I would be doing a year ago.

Drunken Blueberry

and 4b.  Be Social!  In looking through all of my 2017 posts, the ones that had the most views and comments were ones that I linked up to Linky Parties.  I had been participating in the Finish-A-Long (FAL) Linkies, but this year I joined up with Sunday Stash, Wednesday Wait-loss, and Let’s Bee Social.  I also was part of a Bee for the first time (Bee Inspired – check out our blog here), which I loved.  I will try to be even more social in 2018.

It was a good year and I’m proud of all the progress I made and finishes I completed.  Here’s to an even better 2018!

  Linking up with Cheryl’s Best of 2017 Linky Party

Q3’17 FAL – Wrap Up

I only got two done this quarter, but they were big ones.  Both were block of the month or quilt along projects from 2016.  I’m really happy to have them completed, and I’ve overjoyed with how they came out.

This is the list I started with:


  1. Sugar Block Club 3.0  – top is done, back is done, batting is ready to go.  It is actually loaded on the frame now and I’ve started quilting.  UPDATE:  DONE!!  I posted the finished quilt here I entered it into the New Mexico State Fair and won a First Place ribbon as well as Best Modern Quilt.  YAY!!
  2. Splendid Sampler – top is done, back is done.  I’m kind of scared to quilt this one, but I bet it will be cool.  UPDATE:  DONE!!  I posted the finished quilt here.
  3. Bee Quilt – the 20 embroidered blocks are done.  I need to piece the top, then on to quilting.  UPDATE:  Top is done, need to figure out the backing and get up the courage to quilt it.
  4. Blueberry Park Drunkard’s Path – still looking for inspiration to piece this one and get it moving.  UPDATE: I’ve started to put the top together, but it isn’t done yet.
  5. Hawaiian batiks – need to figure out how I want to assemble the top, buy some setting/sashing fabric, and get it put together.  UPDATE:  no progress
  6. Red and Blue Squares – this started with me trying to use up all my scraps from my Splendid Sampler, and now I don’t have enough blue scraps to finish what I planned.  Oh crud, more fabric!  UPDATE: I have the whole quilt cut and have enough pieces – need to assemble it now.
  7. Bright Puzzle – I found this bag of cut pieces ready to go in a bin in my sewing room recently and decided to whip it together for another long arm practice piece.  UPDATE:   Top is done, ready for quilting.  This one will be a good longarm practice quilt.

Only 2 finishes, but they were big ones, and I got 3 other quilt tops together and ready to quilt.  Not a bad quarter at all!


My original Q3 list was posted here.  Linking up with the Q3’17 FAL page



Sugar Block 3.0 BOM – it is done!

Last year my Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild decided to do the Sugar Block Club 3.0 Block of the Month club.  It seemed like we all had a lot of energy about it for the first few months, but the enthusiasm waned.  I tried to keep up with the blocks every month, and had a big push in December to finish the last block and get the setting together.

It would have been easy to just do a 3 blocks in a row, 4 rows setting, but I decided I wanted to do a non-traditional setting.  I also had a lot of extra fabric left over, and I thought some large open areas for the top would be useful for practicing some quilting.  I cut the background fabric in to large squares and rectangles, and developed this for the setting:

Sugar Block Club 3.0

After doing a large amount of practice on my long arm, I thought I was ready to tackle this guy.

I struggled with a thread choice for the top – I wanted something that blended, but my first choice blended so well I couldn’t see what I was quilting.

I wound up choosing a very light grey – Aurifil Dove #2600.  I think it worked out well, but it still was very light in places and hard to see.

I spent a lot of time choosing patterns for each block, using many tools to work through the design – my notebook, books, and a plexiglass sheet to put on top of the quilt and try out ideas.

It took a lot of time, but I think it came out really well!

Here is the finished quilt:

Some detail shots:

The back – I pieced it with leftovers from the blocks.

I almost used a whole big spool of Aurifil on the top:

Maggie was exhausted when we were done!

But she did help me with the binding:

Final stats:

Thread used – Top (Aurifil Dove #2600), Bottom (Bottom Line #620)

Quilt Size:  66″ x 78″

Total Quilting Stitches:  352,919

I am really happy with how it turned out.  There are a lot of bobbles and wonky stitches, but I think I’ve come a long way!


This was on my Q3’17 FAL list, so I am linking up with the Q3’17 FAL page




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