Daisy Quilts

One goal I’ve had over the past few years is make sure that all of my quilting supplies fit in a nice and organized manner in my one sewing room/studio. I have enough stuff – more fabric than quilts I will probably make in my lifetime – but somehow it is really hard to turn down any new Alison Glass or Tula Pink. I decided I needed to get rid of the older things I have to have room for the things I really enjoy.

I got rid of a ton of stuff a few years ago at my quilt guild’s annual Destash Sale, but I still have a pile of things that I’m not crazy about but also didn’t want to get rid of. One of those things is my big bin of hand dyed fabrics. I used to dye all of the fabric for my quilts but I’ve done that less lately for a variety of reasons. I do enjoy dying and one day I’ll get back to it.

I pulled out my bin of hand dyes and pulled out large cuts, and then went looking for somewhere to use them. I’d seen Pen and Paper Pattern’s “Fresh as a Daisy” quilt around, and where better to use some hot pink and yellow fabric than on some flowers?

I made two of these and I gotta tell you, these blocks do not come together quickly! 🙂 There are a lot of small pieces and a lot of piecing required to make a flower with eight petals, but the quilts are so cute!

Here’s the first one – white daisies on pink:

I didn’t quite have enough pink left for the binding so I finished one corner with a yellow that matched the centers.

The back is minky, which made for a cuddly quilt.

Here’s a close up of the binding:

Tico helped by modeling during the photo shoot. I guess Maggie also photo bombed the picture with her corgi rear end….

The second one I made was yellow daisies on grey.

I found this yellow ovals fabric on sale somewhere and used it for the back. I took the opportunity to test out some new pantos on both quilts and I like how they came out.

I really like how they came out and they made a big dent in my dyed fabric bin. I like this pattern a lot and have to kind of force myself to not keep making them!

Pink Daisy Quilt Details:

  • Finished 60″x63″
  • Warm and Natural Batting
  • Butterflies and Loops pantograph
  • So Fine light pink (522) in the top and the bobbin
  • 86,970 total quilting stitches

Yellow Daisy Quilt Details:

  • Finished 60″x63″
  • Warm and Natural Batting
  • Bora Bora pantograph
  • So Fine light yellow (517) in the top and the bobbin
  • 64,592 total quilting stitches
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