Albuquerque 2020 Temperature Quilt at QuiltCon 2022

I wrote about my plans to make a Temperature Quilt back at the beginning of 2020 (here).  As it turned out, it was a really great project that crazy year!  I finished the quilt top shortly after the end of 2020 and quilted it in 2021.

For the quilting I really wanted to pull forward the squares that were created as a secondary design by the triangles.  I also wanted to add some flow across the quilt using the diagonal lines created in the background.  I really thought when I planned the quilting that it was pretty simple, but MAN WAS I WRONG!  The quilting took FOREVER!

Late in 2021 I saw a few Temperature Quilt posts on Instagram, and the makers were talking about submitting to a special QuiltCon exhibit.  I had kind of been paying attention to the QuiltCon submission process and deadlines, but I hadn’t noticed a special exhibit.  I looked it up, and sure enough there it was – entries open for a Temperature Quilt special exhibit.  I had a bit of time to take some photos (honestly this was about the hardest part – I really need help with good quilt photography), and I submitted it.


I was pretty shocked and so happy.  I had already been planning on going to QuiltCon as it was close – just over in Phoenix – so how cool to get a quilt in the show too.

The exhibit was really awesome.  It was so cool to see how other people approached the same idea and the different color palettes they all used.

Here I am with my quilt.  (And my boot.  I have some problems with my foot.  Navigating QuiltCon was a ton of fun with the boot!)

I’m so happy with how the quilt came out and so appreciative of the opportunity to have it hang at QuiltCon.  It was a fantastic experience.

Albuquerque 2020 Temperature Quilt Details:

  • Finished 52″x65″
  • Warm and Natural Batting
  • So Fine light yellow (492) in the top and light grey (503) in the bobbin
  • 258,587 total quilting stitches
4 thoughts on “Albuquerque 2020 Temperature Quilt at QuiltCon 2022”
  1. Wow, this is beautiful! And congratulations on being included in the QuiltCon exhibit, AND on getting to go see it there! I like the block you chose. I have been wanting to do a temperature quilt but haven’t done it yet. I love your colors!

  2. So beautiful! I was very inspired by all the QuiltCon temperature quilts.
    I’m working on two temperature quilts. One starting July 27, 2022 when I moved from Portland to Baltimore, leaving a 31 year marriage (stretched out flying geese, foundation paper pieced.) The second has an upcoming deadline–my daughter’s 30th birthday, with the temperatures of northeast Kansas starting on the day she was born (rectangles with a HST, like yours.) Both of mine have a larger range of fabrics based on 5-degree increments: 17 for Baltimore and 20 for Kansas. I think having so few fabrics works for a desert place like Albuquerque, since the temp drops overnight. The historical Kansas temperatures are sometimes really close together with the high and low on a single day being within a few degrees.

    1. All the temperature quilts at QuiltCon were awesome. I thought it was fun seeing what a wide range of patterns, color pallets, and approaches there were to the same idea. I also really like the idea of doing one for the year that one was born.
      I purposely chose to have fewer fabrics because I was kind of overwhelmed when I started it. Looks like I had 10 fabrics and 8 degree increments. I think I had 2 days over the whole year where the high and low were in the same range.
      Your quilts sound great! I’d love to see how they turn out. Good luck!

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