Q3’18 FAL – Goal Setting

New quarter, new goals! (actually some not so new goals, but I’ll get them done!

Dog Gone Cute Bee Quilt – these are the blocks from my Bee group in 2017.  During Q1’18 I added 2 more blocks to fill it out and during Q2’18 I finished all the sashing to complete the top.  Just need to quilt it now.


Bjorn the Bear – I finished this quilt top during my June group quilt retreat.  I need to put glasses on one of the bears and get it quilted up.

Hawaiian batiks –  Another quilt top that I got finished during my June quilt retreat – ready to be quilted.


Study from my Bill Kerr Workshop – this was really such a great workshop.  It was really thought provoking and helpful to further design ideas.  The top is all done – just need to quilt it (and name it!)

Angela Walters Challenge #3 Quilt – I bought the kit for this guy because I really loved the polka dots.  I really enjoyed the Challenge #1 as it gave me a great opportunity to really practice my quilting.  I look forward to the same with this quilt!

Summer Sampler 2018 – Honestly I was kind of stressed out at work and really needed some pretty fabric and a pattern to follow, so I bought all of it!  I have a few blocks done, but this is unlikely to get done this quarter.

Some good goals for the quarter – I look forward to getting these done

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Q1’18 FAL Wrap Up

I’m both really happy with my Q1’18 finishes, and kind of disappointed.  I finished a few really great quilts that I am really proud of, but I also didn’t get to sew (or blog!) as much as I wanted to this quarter.  I had some changes going on at work that kept me away from my sewing room, but I’m hoping I have that under control so I can get more sewing in during Q2’18.

But for now, this was my list for Q1’18:


  • Bee Quilt – I’m about halfway done quilting this guy and should finish it soon.  UPDATE:  DONE!!  I wrote about it here, and it turned out so great!
  • Alison Glass Quilt – I have a secret project that I need to get done by mid/early March.  I have all of the fabric pulled so I need to get cutting, piecing and quilting to get this done.  UPDATE:  DONE!  This was my Glass Plus quilt for the Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book Blop Hop, which I wrote about here.  I love this quilt!
  • Hazel the Hedgehog – I made a few test blocks and I love how they came out.  I can’t wait to make the rest of the blocks and get the top together.  UPDATE:  DONE!  I wrote about her here, and she got sent off to my new nephew in Hawaii last weekend.
  • Dog Gone Cute Bee Quilt – these are the blocks from my Bee group last year.  They are so cute!  UPDATE:  I finished the last 2 blocks and decided on a sashing plan to finish it.  I also started piecing the sashing and have made good progress.  I really hope to finish this one in Q2’18.
  • Red and Blue Squares – all the little squares are cut out and ready to sew together.  Lots of squares and seams to match up.  UPDATE:  I have this mostly pieced so I should get it loaded and quilted soon.
  • Hawaiian batiks –  I finally bought the sashing fabric, so this guy is ready to be finished.  I may have a purpose for this quilt now, so I think I’ll get it done this quarter.  UPDATE:  I had good intentions, I really did.  I cut all the sashing strips, but I’m still not sure I love how it is coming together.  I will think about it some more…
  • The Cat Quilt – I have a plan for this quilt, as well as the fabric, but I need to figure out how to get it put together.  UPDATE:  No progress.  Nada.  Nothing.  Sigh.

So yes, some really great finishes and a whole lot of no progress.  But I think I have real-job-work-life  a bit more under control, so high hopes for Q2!


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Hazel the Hedgehog

I just love these critter quilts.  I did Dwight the Dear last year, and also bought the patterns for Bjorn the Bear and the Fancy Forest.  The Fancy Forest pattern package has Hazel the Hedgehog in it, and I couldn’t resist making a bunch of Hazel blocks.

Man there are a bunch of little pieces in a Hazel block!  I used my Me+You batiks for the hedgehog spines and was careful to organize as I cut:


I did the piecing mainly over the holiday break and then sat on the blocks for a few months while I finished another project.  I whipped them out this weekend, put them together, and got them quilted.

Here is a close up of the quilting – it is a very simple, open pattern called Raindrops.  I just bought a bunch of colors of SoFine #50 and used a light blue thread for both the front and back.  I think it blends in well.

The back – it is an Art Gallery print:

Some more fun shots


I love my Hazels and I might be tempted to make more but man, they took some time to get together!  For now, Hazel is heading off to Hawaii to meet my new nephew.

Final Hazel details –

25 total Hazel blocks, final measurement 40″ wide by 45″ long.

Quilted with SoFine #50, color 519 in the top and the bobbin.

Close to 25,000 quilting stitches – quilted on my Avante with the Prostitcher using the Raindrops E2E pattern from UrbanElementz (a free download!)


This was on my Q1’18 FAL list, so I’ll link up there at the end of March.

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