Dwight and Rudolph

I’ve admiried Elizabeth Hartman’s critter patterns for some time, and bought 3 or 4 of them with no plan for what I actually wanted to make.  In October I was online trying to find a piece of fabric for another purpose and found a Moda Grunge Christmas bundle.  I’d been considering making a Christmas quilt for awhile, and the intersection of this bundle with Dwight the Deer wanting to be Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was too good to pass up.

I spent a long weekend while we were in Pagosa Springs piecing the blocks.  They went together pretty well, but there were a lot of pieces.  After putting them together, I would recommend two things:  1) stacking up 2 fabrics at a time to cut to save time, and 2) marking every piece with the letter in the pattern and making sure that label stays with the piece until you are done with it.

These were my guys after the blocks were all made:

Ironically, I looked outside while I was doing the piecing and found 4 deer visiting me for inspiration:

I chose a wood grain pattern for the quilting, and used this quilt as another Pro-Stitcher practice piece.

Watching Dwight while quilting was fun, and I loved how it was coming together:

It didn’t take too long to finish, and I already have it up on the wall for Christmas:

Some details:

I used some leftover Grunge in red I had in my stash for the back, along with a fat quarter through the center to help make it long enough.

Final Details – Dwight and Rudolph Quilt

32″ x 45″

Quilted using So Fine #408  (a medium gray) in the top and bobbin.  Over 50,000 quilting stitches.

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