Bee Queen for August

I’ve had great time with my Bee Inspired bee group this year.  I’ve never been in a Bee, and I really had no idea what this whole Bee thing entailed.  I chose to be Queen later in the year so I could figure it all out before having to choose a block for the group.  August was mine!

Finding a block was harder than I thought it would be.  I thought over the course of a half of a year I’d run across several options, but I really didn’t.  Given that, I started cramming to find something to do in mid-July!  I really like the Elizabeth Hartman critter patterns and am looking forward to trying them out, but in the meantime I found this quilt-a-long from a few years ago that has a similar feel.  These pups remind me of my boys, Bucky and Leo…and after all, my blog is named after Leo’s brown paws.

The quilt-a-long, which happened in 2015, is from Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.  The original “Dog Gone Cute” blog page is here.

I made a few blocks to try it out:

Mr. Brown Paws (Leo) and his block
Bucky and his block

My Bee-mates have made some super cute blocks so far, using their own furry kids as inspiration.

This is Romeo and Juliet, from Velda Roy at Granny Can Quilt:

This is Ivy, from Emily at The Darling Dogwood.  Real Ivy was not happy about having her photo taken:


Marius, from Jen at A Dream and a Stitch:


I just got two pieces of international mail late last week!  This is Leo and Indi, from Kate at Smiles From Kate (Leo, like Ivy, really hates having his picture taken):

And finally Bucky with Doug, all the way from Australia, from Sue at Sevenoaks Street Quilts:

Bucky likes Doug.  Or Bucky was just really happy that lunch was coming after his photo!

It has been so fun getting these great blocks in the mail.  I look forward to getting them all and seeing how the quilt comes together.

Thanks to the Bee Inspired group for a great year of fun blocks.



Claude the French Poodle

For our June Bee block, Karen of Tu-Na Quilts picked a really fun block.  She had a fun trip to Paris a few years ago, and used that trip as inspiration for these blocks.  Black and white french poodles, to which she will add setting pieces in shades of pink and wine for contrast.  Should be a fun quilt.

There was a lot of little pieces for this block, but it did come together pretty well.  You can get the tutorial for making the block from Karen’s post on our Bee Inspired blog site.

I didn’t take a photo of all the pieces, but here he is after getting some smaller pieces put together into larger chunks:

And the final block:

I named him Claude, and I think he is awesome.  I hope that Karen likes him!


April and May Bee Blocks

Here we are into June, and I haven’t yet posted about my Bee’s April and May blocks.  Both were fun to do, and I’m happy with how they came out.

This was April – fun birds for Velda from GrannyCanQuilt.  My first block is this one:

I’m also making my own set of blocks from a Me+You bundle of batiks, duplicating each of the monthly Bee blocks.  These are the bird blocks I made from my own quilt:

I just love these blocks, and they are a great way of using up scraps.  I might start making my own set of blocks for a big bird quilt!

For May, Irene of Patchwork & Pastry went a very different direction.  She was looking for a very subtle palette with an assortment of grays.  At first I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough grays to  get this block to come together, but I was really surprised with the selection I had.  This was my fabric pull – the photo is in monotone to check the values:

Her block was a series of 9-patches gradually increasing in size.  Here it is coming together:

Look at that cute bitty 9-patch!

And the final block:

I’m really pretty happy with it – it came out a bunch better than I thought it would.  I’m going to have to figure out how to adapt this block to my Me+You color palette, which is a lot more colorful.

I hope both Velda and Irene like their blocks – both have been sent off.

Now on to French Poodles in June!



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