Han and Leia

I have always loved Star Wars.  I can not wait for the new movie to come out this week – I’ve had tickets since the day they went on sale.  As such, this seemed like a great week to finish these little blocks.

I found the patterns for free on Craftsy back before they changed to Blueprint.  They are from Kristy at Quiet Play Designs.  I thought you could still get them from her, but I just looked at her website and didn’t see them there.  Maybe she’ll get them added back some time soon.

Rather than make them in to a larger quilt, I decided to just quilt them up to make mini quilts to hang in my office.

Here they are – I think they came out really well!

I used a double batting of Warm and Natural Cotton with a piece of wool on the top.  I matched the thread to the fabrics in each section.  The hair was fun to do, and I enjoyed the background swirls.  I didn’t know what to do with the faces, so I just did some pebbles.  I didn’t draw eyes and mouths on the faces because I thought I’d probably ruin them 🙂 .

Here is Leia, front and back:

and Han, front and back:

(he looks a bit wonky…I guess Han is also a bit wonky, so I’m ok with that)

I tried a new technique for making labels on these little quilts.  They came out really well – I’ll write about that soon.

Both little quilts finished up 9″ square.  As I said, I will hang them up in my office at work with my Death Star.  You can see the post about this mini quilt here.

This was a finish on my Q4’19 FAL list so I will be posting it on the FAL linky at the end of the quarter.

4 thoughts on “Han and Leia”
    1. Thanks! I enjoyed making them. I hung them in my office today and they look great – they make me happy.
      I went to your blog and checked out your ‘This Droid’ quilt. I love it! The Death Star you added is a great addition.

      Thanks also for your second comment about the fabrics in the Death Star. I spent a bunch of time trying to make sure I got the coloring and shading right. It was a fun quilt to do.
      Thanks for stopping by, and happy holidays!

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