Finishing up Q4’16 – Q4 FAL

I had several goals for Q4’16 on my FAL list, but really only one project that was really, really important to me.  Between the new job and the large effort required to finish that one project, my finish list is short…but I’m still very happy!

My Q4’16 FAL goals were posted here.  Here they are in photos:

Only one finish, but it was a big one!  I also bought a long arm and spent most of December learning how to use it.  I’m hoping it will help me finish a bunch more next year.


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Row Houses – I Can’t Believe it is Done!!

So YAY!!!

I can not tell you how long I have been working on this quilt.

I went to Burano, Italy back in 2000.  It is a magnificent place.  Google it.  The photos you can get by googling it are so much better than the ones that I took!  I just loved the colorful houses and the clear blue canals.  After that trip I saw a pattern by Flavin Glover in a book called “In Love with Log Cabins”.  I thought this pattern was so awesome, and it reminded me of Burano the minute I saw it.  I was also really into dying fabrics at that time, so all of the colors of the Burano houses were perfect for my dyed fabrics.  I drew up my version using my colored pencils, using my Burano postcards as inspiration.




The logs in this log cabin quilt are 1″ wide…which is small!  I started working on this in the early 2000s, but got SO FRUSTRATED with it that I put it aside – for a very long time.  Mid-2015 I was cleaning out my sewing room and I found this quilt in progress and decided I either needed to finish this thing or toss it all out.  I finished the top.  Maggie helped.

Row Houses
Row Houses

After finally finishing it, after, let’s face it, 15 YEARS!!!, I was a bit nervous about quilting it.  Initially I thought I wanted to do some rather complex swirls over the houses, but after practicing the swirls on a smaller quilt, I thought they might be too distracting from all the smaller logs and all the colors.  I decided to go with simpler loops in the houses, and straight lines in the roads/sashing between.




I recently bought this hera tool – it was really useful for marking lines.

The borders were a challenge, but I decided on some dot to dot quilting to frame the shape, and then some ribbon candy to fill it in:


It took me a REALLY LONG TIME to finish this on my domestic machine, but I did it, and here she is:


the back:


The day we did the photo shoot the sky was really cool, so here’s an uncropped photo:


I am really proud of this quilt, and so happy I finally finished it!  YAY!!

And after doing this on my domestic machine – 5ish entire weekends of quilting – I decided I’m done with quilting on domestic machines and it is time to buy a long arm.

But more on that later…  🙂

This quilt was on my Q4 FAL list, so I’m linking up to the Q4 FAL site.

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Q4’16 FAL Goals – Brown Paws Quilting

Can you believe we are nearing the end of the year?  Only one more quarter to finish up all that stuff I said I’d do in January.  No pressure, though!

This is my list for Q4’16:

  1. Row Houses, aka Voldemort.  I’m SO CLOSE!!  Just borders left to quilt on this guy.
  2. Blueberry Park Drunkard’s Path.  Need to setting on a layout, perhaps make a few more blocks and get this guy together.
  3. The Mess of a Quilt.  This was my second practice long arm quilt.  I didn’t finish quilting it during my long arm block of hours time, so I’ll have to finish it on my home machine.  It will look funny, but I’ll get it done.
  4. Green and black squares – still needs to be quilted.
  5. My Sugar Block Club BOM.  I won’t get this quilt done this quarter as the last block will come out at the beginning of December, but I need to catch up on my blocks.
  6. Bee-utiful Quilt along quilt – I still have 14 blocks left to embroider, so this one is a stretch.

I think I should get #1 and #3 done – more than that will be a stretch.  If I get Row Houses done I will do a little celebratory jig!!

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