Bright Puzzle Pieces

I have had this fabric for a long time.  I bought it for a baby quilt for a friend – probably about 20 years ago! – and apparently I bought so much it just keeps giving and giving.  I go through spurts of taking out fabric, cutting it up and putting it into bags for piecing later, and I recently found this bag tucked away.  I saw a similar quilt in a store once, and I really liked how it looked like puzzle pieces.  I drew up a pattern based on my memory of it, and thought it would be a good one for longarm practice.

It went together really fast.  One really exciting Saturday I had just updated the ProStitcher version on my machine and wanted to try it out.  This guy seemed like a great candidate.  I loaded him up, and in a relatively short period of time he was done.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out:

This photo didn’t turn out arranged as nicely as I’d like, but you can see some of the details on the front.

Here is the back:

I like the circles!

It was a quick one, but I’m pretty happy with it.  I’ll likely donate it to our local Project Linus.


I do think that I’m about done with this fabric, so I’m putting it into a scrap bag to try and sell it at the ABQ Modern Quilt Guild Destatsh sale next August.

A quick finish, but it was on my Q4’17 FAL list.  I’ll link it up to the FAL linky at the end of the quarter.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt

I bought this fabric bundle some time ago, and I’ve made another quilt using the Caterpillar fabric line.  I loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar book, and I think this fabric is awesome and so much fun.  I made a tumbler quilt before and I thought it was a good pattern for showing off all the different fabrics, so it seemed like a great option for this quilt.

Here is the set of fabrics:

I had a template for my tumblers still around from the previous quilt, so I was able to use it again to do my cutting.  I used a ruler on top of the template to make sure I didn’t cut through the plastic.

After a bunch of cutting, I had a big pile of tumblers.

I randomized all the different fabrics as I pieced them together to get a nice, overall effect.  The top went together pretty quickly.

From there it was on to quilting.  I wanted to use this quilt as another opportunity to practice with my Prostitcher, so I scrolled through the design options to find something that would fit.  I found this really cool butterflies and loops pattern that I thought would fit well with the caterpillar theme, and I choose a really pretty light purple thread for the quilting.

Here it is in progress:

Some close-ups:

and the full quilt after finishing the quilting:

I had some left over red print which I used for the binding.  Here it is all finished:

A close up of the back – cool butterflies and loops!

Maggie decided to help with the photo shoot:

i think it came out really well, and I enjoyed the opportunity to do some more practice with the Prostitcher.  This will be a gift for a friend who is expecting in July, and I really hope she’ll love it!


The Hungry Caterpillar was #4 on my Q2’17 FAL list, so I’m happy to link up with the Q2’17 FAL page

Green Coins

This was another single charm pack that I bought and then had no idea what to do with.  I saw all these ‘coin quilts’ online and thought they looked like a good way to show off the charms.  I cut the 5″ squares into a few different sizes to make the coin rows, and then bordered the rows with a solid fabric.  Originally I used a solid cream fabric, but I really hated how it looked.  It was really drab and washed out, so I put the top away and ignored it for awhile.

I recently got it back out and took it over to the quilt shop to see if I could find something to liven it up a bit.  I am a green gal, so this Me+You batik really fit the bill.  I ripped out the old cream rows and swapped in the green and wow, it really made a huge diffference!  I don’t even have a photo of the old cream – it was that bad.

From there I had to figure out how to quilt it.  I really wanted to do some flow-type quilting, so I settled on that for the green.  The coin rows took a bit more thought, but I found some inspiration on Pinterest.  I loaded her up and got going.

It took me a little while to get on a roll with the flow quilting, but eventually I got it looking like I wanted it to look.

I really like the lines, pebbles and switchbacks in the coin rows.

This is the completed quilt:

This is the detail of the back – the back looks really cool.

AND I got to use my new labels for the first time:

I used Isacord #6051 on the top and Bottom Line #614 in the bobbin, both are a light green.  It is really hard to see the green thread in the green rows, but overall I think it looks good.

I am really, really happy with how she came out.  I think my freehand long arm quilting is coming along!




Green Coins was #3 on my Q2’17 FAL list, so I’m happy to link up with the Q2’17 FAL page

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