Gingiber Thicket Pillows

I love Gingiber’s fabric and her critter panels.  She keeps making them and I keep buying them.  I made a quilt with the Cats, used her chicken print for the backing on my Chicken Quilts, and have some Merriment and Savannah tucked away in my stash.  I bought a panel of Thicket, her first Moda line, a long time ago but have been holding on to it trying to find the right project.

We have a place in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and I have been working on fixing up my new sewing space there.  Our house sits amongst a bunch of trees and wildlife come to visit us, so making something with my Thicket panel for Pagosa seemed like a great idea.  As I have a futon up in my sewing room I decided to make a few pillows to sit on it.

The panels are kind of big so I bought 20″ pillow forms.  I used a bunch of Alison Glass scraps with muslin to make HSTs for the pillow fronts and backs.  This seemed like a quick, easy approach, but do you know how many 2″ HSTs you need to make a 10×10 grid to make up a 20″ panel?  100!  Plus add in some for the front, then times two for a second pillow and suddenly you are trimming HSTs for the entire time that you are watching “The Irishman” on Netflix (it is a long movie!).

Once I got the fronts and backs together I quilted them on muslin just to give them some texture.

The Fox seemed fanciful:

The Bear looked sad and like he needed some flowers:

After the quilting I put the fronts with their backs and stuffed the pillows.  I think they came out great!

Here’s the Bear, front and back:

The Fox, front and back:

I had a bunch of HSTs left over, so I made a pin cushion.  It’s so cute!

I love how these came out – I can’t wait to try them out in Colorado!

These two pillows were on my Q1’20 FAL list, so I’ll get them posted on Instagram with the tag #2020FALQ1Finish.

3 thoughts on “Gingiber Thicket Pillows”
  1. These are beautiful, and your quilting is amazing! First I saw one of the flowers with the fox and thought it was stunning, and then there were so many more flowers with the bear! The bright HST are a great compliment to the black-and-white of the animals.

    1. Aww, thanks Emily! I love the flowers. A friend at work suggested that I start sneaking one in to every quilt I do (at least the ones I custom quilt) and I like that idea. I love the HSTs to but SO MUCH WORK!! I will enjoy my new pillows. 🙂

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