Q4’16 FAL Goals – Brown Paws Quilting

Can you believe we are nearing the end of the year?  Only one more quarter to finish up all that stuff I said I’d do in January.  No pressure, though!

This is my list for Q4’16:

  1. Row Houses, aka Voldemort.  I’m SO CLOSE!!  Just borders left to quilt on this guy.
  2. Blueberry Park Drunkard’s Path.  Need to setting on a layout, perhaps make a few more blocks and get this guy together.
  3. The Mess of a Quilt.  This was my second practice long arm quilt.  I didn’t finish quilting it during my long arm block of hours time, so I’ll have to finish it on my home machine.  It will look funny, but I’ll get it done.
  4. Green and black squares – still needs to be quilted.
  5. My Sugar Block Club BOM.  I won’t get this quilt done this quarter as the last block will come out at the beginning of December, but I need to catch up on my blocks.
  6. Bee-utiful Quilt along quilt – I still have 14 blocks left to embroider, so this one is a stretch.

I think I should get #1 and #3 done – more than that will be a stretch.  If I get Row Houses done I will do a little celebratory jig!!

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6 thoughts on “Q4’16 FAL Goals – Brown Paws Quilting”
  1. I hope you get to do the jig as well. Good luck with your goals. They are really beautiful projects, each and every one.

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