The Finished Splendid Sampler

It is a big quilt, and it is finished!

I started the Splendid Sampler in February 2016 when it first came out and they were releasing 2 blocks a week.  I did reasonably well keeping up, and the quilt is now a nice memory of 2016.  I designed the sashing, which I love, and then just had the quilting left to do.  It is the largest quilt I’ve done yet on my longarm.

Here is the finished quilt:

I did a ribbon candy motif in the sashing, and quilted all of the blocks differently.  I mostly echoed the appliqué, did all-over patterns in the embroidery, and then designed a pattern for each of the patchwork blocks.

Here are some close ups.  I also really over-grammed the blocks as I made progress, so if you would like to see more, head on over to my Instagram account (@brownpawsquilting).

This is the back.  I used all fabrics from my stash to do the blocks and I still had a bunch left over.  I used the leftover fabric for the sashing and for the back.

Final details:

Quilt is 77″ wide and 92″ long.

I used Aurifil 2021 (Natural White) on the top and Bottom Line 623 in the bobbin.

There are 475,669 quilting stitches, and took almost 33 hours.

This was a fun quilt – it was great to do, and now it is fun to look at each of the blocks and remember what I was doing during the year when I made each of them.  I think I’ll try to hang it in my sewing room so I can see it often.


This was on my Q3’17 Finish list, so I’ll be linking up with the Q3’17 FAL page




9 thoughts on “The Finished Splendid Sampler

    1. Thank you so much! The background is just white muslin, but I thought by coming back to that as a basis it would tie together all the blue and red scraps. Thanks for your congrats – between the 120 blocks and all the quilting it really was a huge year long effort…but really worth it!

  1. Wow – this is an epic finish! Congratulations – it’s beautiful! Thank you for participating in the FAL and playing along with us! From the Global FAL Hosts!

  2. Really stunning quilt. It has everything! Love your sashing, quilting, colors – what a big project. Congrats.

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