Bee Queen for August

I’ve had great time with my Bee Inspired bee group this year.  I’ve never been in a Bee, and I really had no idea what this whole Bee thing entailed.  I chose to be Queen later in the year so I could figure it all out before having to choose a block for the group.  August was mine!

Finding a block was harder than I thought it would be.  I thought over the course of a half of a year I’d run across several options, but I really didn’t.  Given that, I started cramming to find something to do in mid-July!  I really like the Elizabeth Hartman critter patterns and am looking forward to trying them out, but in the meantime I found this quilt-a-long from a few years ago that has a similar feel.  These pups remind me of my boys, Bucky and Leo…and after all, my blog is named after Leo’s brown paws.

The quilt-a-long, which happened in 2015, is from Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.  The original “Dog Gone Cute” blog page is here.

I made a few blocks to try it out:

Mr. Brown Paws (Leo) and his block
Bucky and his block

My Bee-mates have made some super cute blocks so far, using their own furry kids as inspiration.

This is Romeo and Juliet, from Velda Roy at Granny Can Quilt:

This is Ivy, from Emily at The Darling Dogwood.  Real Ivy was not happy about having her photo taken:


Marius, from Jen at A Dream and a Stitch:


I just got two pieces of international mail late last week!  This is Leo and Indi, from Kate at Smiles From Kate (Leo, like Ivy, really hates having his picture taken):

And finally Bucky with Doug, all the way from Australia, from Sue at Sevenoaks Street Quilts:

Bucky likes Doug.  Or Bucky was just really happy that lunch was coming after his photo!

It has been so fun getting these great blocks in the mail.  I look forward to getting them all and seeing how the quilt comes together.

Thanks to the Bee Inspired group for a great year of fun blocks.



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  1. Lorna’s Dog Gone Cute blocks have always been one of my favorites. Your bee mates sent you some pretty awesome pups. Can’t wait to see them all come together 🙂

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