Q2’17 FAL Goals

I’ve got a bunch more projects to finish up this quarter.  Lots more opportunity for long arm practice.  I’m also excited because I’m really close to completing a few projects that I’ve been working on for a long time.

Here they are:


  1. Circa 1934 Squares:  This is the quarter!  I’m doing it!  I have a quilting plan and will get it loaded up in the next week or so.
  2. Red, Black and White Coins:  I finished the quilt top in Q1 and it is ready to quilt.
  3. Green Coins:  This is an older UFO that I recently reworked.  It originally had cream sashing and looked terrible, so I tore out the cream and inserted the green instead.  Much better, and ready to be quilted.
  4. Caterpillar Quilt:  Still need to get this quilt top together but it should be quick.  I think I’ll use this quilt top as another Pro-stitcher practice quilt.
  5. Sugar Block Club 3.0:  I mostly have a quilting plan ready to go.  I need to piece together a backing and get up the courage to do the quilting.
  6. Blueberry Park Drunkard’s Path:  blocks are done – need to put it together and quilt it.  This one just hasn’t been inspiring me, so I need to figure out what I want to do with it.
  7. Splendid Sampler:  The quilt top is all together and it looks great.  I need to piece the back and figure out how I want to quilt it.
  8. Bee-utiful Quilt along:  I have 4 more blocks to do before I finish all the sashing and setting to get the top together.  This would be a stretch, but I will make progress.

Fewer projects this quarter, but ones that I care more about.  I need to gather my long arming confidence and just go do it!



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