Green Coins

This was another single charm pack that I bought and then had no idea what to do with.  I saw all these ‘coin quilts’ online and thought they looked like a good way to show off the charms.  I cut the 5″ squares into a few different sizes to make the coin rows, and then bordered the rows with a solid fabric.  Originally I used a solid cream fabric, but I really hated how it looked.  It was really drab and washed out, so I put the top away and ignored it for awhile.

I recently got it back out and took it over to the quilt shop to see if I could find something to liven it up a bit.  I am a green gal, so this Me+You batik really fit the bill.  I ripped out the old cream rows and swapped in the green and wow, it really made a huge diffference!  I don’t even have a photo of the old cream – it was that bad.

From there I had to figure out how to quilt it.  I really wanted to do some flow-type quilting, so I settled on that for the green.  The coin rows took a bit more thought, but I found some inspiration on Pinterest.  I loaded her up and got going.

It took me a little while to get on a roll with the flow quilting, but eventually I got it looking like I wanted it to look.

I really like the lines, pebbles and switchbacks in the coin rows.

This is the completed quilt:

This is the detail of the back – the back looks really cool.

AND I got to use my new labels for the first time:

I used Isacord #6051 on the top and Bottom Line #614 in the bobbin, both are a light green.  It is really hard to see the green thread in the green rows, but overall I think it looks good.

I am really, really happy with how she came out.  I think my freehand long arm quilting is coming along!




Green Coins was #3 on my Q2’17 FAL list, so I’m happy to link up with the Q2’17 FAL page

3 thoughts on “Green Coins”
  1. Ann, I just love how you quilted this. So creative how you quilted the diagonal lines surrounded by pebbles and then all the swirls, paisleys and pebbles in the backgroud. And, I love that green batik too! Great job!

  2. These kinds of projects are fantastic for highlighting great quilting. Love it!

    On behalf of the global hosts, thank you for participating in the 2017 Finish A Long!

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