Rainbow Mat – Warming up the Long Arm Again…

I took my long arm in for service in December after having her for 3 years.  I use her a lot, and I knew she needed a clean, but I kept putting it off because I had things to do and she was running really well.  But around the holidays I had some time and finally took her in.  When I got her back I got her all hooked up and ready to go but needed a little project to test her out.

I used to do a lot of fabric dying and had these 2.5″ squares leftover from a rainbow gradation experiment.  I just pieced them together in rows to make as big of a piece as possible.  Our cats and dogs like to lay in front of the fireplace, and I figured they could use it as a floor mat.  I loaded up my little piece and got to practicing!

Here it is in progress:

I was trying to make my swirls a bit bigger with about 1/4″ spacing between lines, and threw in some leaves and boxy lines for fun.

It was done pretty quickly, and I think she’s running really well!

Here are some more close-ups:

I found a larger piece to use for the back, and bound it with red:

Here is the full front:

…and the full back:

It looks great in front of the fireplace and the furry kids have been enjoying it!

The Rainbow Mat was on my Q1’20 FAL list, so I will be posting it on Instagram soon.

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