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While cleaning out the closet in my sewing room I found a few orphan quilt tops.  To try and free up some space and stitch out a few new pantographs, I decided to quilt these up and get them done.

This guy, which I have creatively named ‘Dyed Black’, is made up of a bunch of fabrics that I dyed.  I was experimenting with a black background, but at the time I wasn’t very happy with how it came out – I thought it looked really muddy.  I quilted it up with a wavy line pantograph that I wanted to see if my machine would agree to execute.  It did great with the left to right direction, but did terribly with the right to left pass so I was disappointed.  Once I gave up trying to go right to left and just did single passes from the left it really did go pretty fast.  The lines are about 2″ apart.

Here is the front:

and the back (I just used muslin for the back):

After all these years I’m actually pretty happy with how it came out!

Dyed Black Final Details:

  • Finished 60″x68″
  • Warm & Natural Batting
  • So Fine#50, color #410 (charcoal) on both the top and bobbin
  • Pantograph is Serpantine from Urban Elements
  • 35,166 total quilting stitches.

Next up is another black quilt, this one called ‘Green Rectangles’ (again really original name).   I made two of these, this being the first.  I didn’t love how big the rectangles were and I didn’t like them set horizontally.  I eventually remade this quilt with smaller blue rectangles set vertically – I called it Blue Windows, and you can see it on my Prior Work Gallery Page.

But here is the original.  I stitched this one up with a pantograph called Cool Beans.  My husband came in while I was working on the quilt so I asked him what he thought the design was named.  He said something about electrical circuits, which I loved since we’re both electrical engineers.  And I think he’s right!

and the back – again just a muslin backing:

Green Rectangles Final Details:

  • Finished 64″x76″
  • Warm & Natural Batting
  • So Fine#50, color #410 (charcoal) on both the top and bobbin
  • Pantograph is Cool Beans from Urban Elements
  • 74,551 total quilting stitches.

And finally this little cutie.  I think this might have been a kit, but it was made up of simple squares of flannel and chenille.  I tried out the Mod Dotz pantograph in a really large size on this guy:

the back (muslin again):

Yellow and Blue Flannel Final Details:

  • Finished 40″x40″
  • Warm & Natural Batting
  • So Fine#50, color #401 (snow) on both the top and bobbin
  • Pantograph is Mod Dots from Urban Elements
  • I guess I forgot to record the number of stitches!

All three of these were on my Q1’20 FAL list over on instagram so I will be posting them all there.

2 thoughts on “Stack of Recent Finishes”
  1. Love all of these, especially Dyed Black! And I agree that cool beans looks like electrical circuits, and I am not an electrical engineer. It’s great to finish projects that have been waiting a while!

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