I’m going to QuiltCon!

This will be my first trip to QuiltCon and I am very excited.  I kind of stepped my way into it…I saw the hotel blocks were announced so I made a reservation, then the catalog came out and I started choosing classes.  I was really nervous about the registration process because I always see all this drama online about it – servers going down, classes selling out, etc..  I wound up on work travel the day of registration so I was sitting in my hotel room with my computer and class lists, ready to go.  All my concern and worry turned out to be totally unnecessary – it was really a slick process.  I got all the classes I wanted and the whole thing was complete in about 5 minutes.

I am probably taking way too many classes, but there were just so many great ones to choose from.  I decided to focus my time on design and quilting workshops.  This is where I’ll be:


Alternative Grids in EQ8 – Cheryl Brickey


Fill it with Style – Jodi Robinson

Exploring Minimalism – Michelle Wilkie


Designing Modern Quilts – Heather Black

Designing with Negative Space – Sylvia Schaefer


One Shape, Endless Possibilities – Jodi Robinson

So many things I’m excited about –

  1. I haven’t been to Austin since I interviewed for a job there a LONG time ago.  Should be fun…though it appears I’ll mainly be in classes!
  2. I follow a lot of these instructors online and I’m excited to meet them – and others – in real life!
  3. I’ve taken pretty much all of Angela Walters’ classes so I didn’t sign up for those (though she is awesome).  I really like what Jodi Robinson does and I’m looking forward to learning from her.
  4. I am very much self taught in EQ8, so a class will be great.
  5. I love Sylvia Schaefer’s ‘Designing with Negative Space’ book so I’m so excited for the class.

I can’t wait!  Will I see you there?

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