Stripe Quilt Finish

I love watching The Midnight Quilt Show – Angela Walters’ weekly YouTube series.  It’s a quick bit of fun to look forward to mid-way through the week.  The part I like the best is seeing how she decides to quilt the quilts because I always get so many ideas.

This quilt is the Criss Cross quilt from the Holiday Gift Along series.  The video was published on 11/28/2018 and includes a free pattern.  The moment I saw it I started planning to make it both because I had a bunch of left over strips from a jelly roll laying around and because the quilting looked like a lot of fun.  I pieced the top during my January quilt retreat.  It came together relatively quickly, though I made it hard on myself by trying to use up scraps.  With 13″ pieces required – actually bigger due to the angled cuts – it is kind of hard to use smaller pieces.

But I persevered, finished the top and got it all quilted.  Here is the finished top:

This was entirely sewn from my stash, including the backing, batting and binding.  I tried iron-on tape for the first time to join up pieces of batting and it worked really nicely.  I also used a backing from my stash which has colors that match but I’m not sure it’s my favorite:

I did enjoy doing all the quilting.  Here are a bunch of close ups:

The whole thing was done with hand-guided free motion and 1 straight ruler.  I have a lot of other rules but I wanted to work on my free-hand.

I was working on trying new motifs as well as trying to master ones I’ve had trouble with.  I generally struggle with ribbon candy and really struggle with the echoed ribbon candy.

I also struggle with serpentine lines, so I did a bunch of those rows too.

I had fun with the clam shells.

I interrupted Maggie’s yard patrol to force her to pose for me.

and the binding:

Final Details:

  • Finished 49″ wide by 56″ long
  • Warm and Natural Batting
  • Isacord #4113 (a medium blue) in the top and bottom in the outer two columns on both sides.  Glide #32237 (lagoon – a teal) in the top and bottom in the center 2 columns.   I used two different threads because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough of one to finish the whole thing.
  • 151,032 total quilting stitches and about 7.5 hours of quilting.  It was all fun!

My plan is to donate this quilt to my local Project Linus.  I did have a friend say that it would make a really good stitch library, and it would!  I like that idea.

Link Ups:

  • This was a finish on my Q1’19 FAL list so I will be posting it on the FAL linky at the end of the quarter.
2 thoughts on “Stripe Quilt Finish”
    1. Thanks so much!. It was fun to quilt. I liked the colors of the original one from the show better than mine, but it was good to use up some things from my stash. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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