Blueberry Orange Peel Quilt Finish

Today I’m happy to share my Blueberry Orange Peel Quilt Finish.  I talked about the start of this quilt and the piecing here – I had fun experimenting with my Classic Curves ruler.  I designed the quilt with a lot of negative space to enable quilty creativity, then promptly had a mental block on how to deal with all that negative space.  I worked through it, and here is the finished result:


I wound up going with a bunch of straight lines in the negative space to offset the curves of the orange peels.  I think the texture came out great!

Here are some more photos:


I did a bunch of different patterns in the orange peels –  arches, feathers, figure eights, serpentines, wavy lines and ferns.   The arches (or rounds) and serpentines came out the best.  I did the same motif of echoed lines and pebbles in between all the circles.


For the negative space I did a few ‘ghost’ peels to show the peel falling down to the lone red peel out there.  I then drew wavy lines out from the peels to the edges and filled in the spaces with straight lines in various directions.


Here’s a close up of the back:


We took photos on the day after Christmas – it was pretty grey out, but not too cold:


This was a fun experiment and a lot of good quilting practice.  I’m really happy with how she came out!

I’m linking up with Let’s Be Social at Sew Fresh Quilts.  This was also on my Q4’18 FAL list, so I’ll be linking up there with my finish shortly.

2 thoughts on “Blueberry Orange Peel Quilt Finish”
  1. I love this quilt! The blue negative space is wonderful with the detailed quilting in it! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2018 FAL hosts!

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