The Great Dog Quilt

I’m a part of this great international quilt bee group called ‘Bee Inspired’.  There are 12 of us from all over the world who met though a new bloggers online group in 2016.  We have a Queen each month who selects a block that she wants us to make, then writes a blog post on our site (here) to give instructions for color selection and constructing the block.

Last year I chose the Dog Gone Cute blocks from Sew Fresh Quilts.  I asked each person to pick one of the blocks that best represented the pups in their lives, make the block with bright colors for the dogs and a white background, and tell me the stories about their pups.  My Bee-Mates did not disappoint!  I really enjoyed receiving the blocks and hearing the stories of all the great dogs in their lives.

After receiving the blocks it took me some time to decide how to get the quilt top together.  I needed to make a few more blocks to get it to the size I wanted and then figure out the plan for the sashing.  I talked about making the sashing and putting together the top here.

From there I set about quilting it.  My goal was to highlight the dogs and make them stand out.  The quilting took a lot of time to do – and nine different colors of So Fine thread! – but I’m really happy with how it came out.

Here it is:

some close ups:




Here is the back – lots of quilting:


I tried to get my pups to help with the photo shoot, but they were very reluctant models:


the binding:


Maggie decided to be a better model by herself:


It has been so fun being a part of this group and I love the way the quilt came out.  Thanks to all my Bee-Mates for the great blocks!


Final details:

The Great Dog Quilt:  63″ wide x 72″ long

Quilted with 9 colors of So Fine 50 weight thread on the top, Bottom Line in the bobbin.

22 total hours of custom quilting time.



This was on my Q3’18 FAL list, so I’ll be linking up at the end of the quarter.



11 thoughts on “The Great Dog Quilt”
  1. I really, really like the way you did the sashing! That turned out SO cute!! Makes me want to get busy and sew my last year’s blocks together instead of letting them languish as a UFO!

  2. Hello! This is just fabulous. I love the photo of your three dogs below it. And Maggie, your corgi is so cute!! This is a definite on my need to make, sooner than later. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. This turned out superbly Anne and I’m proud to have played a part in it! I think your sashing is inspired and the quilting is fantastic! I’ve been watching this come together on Instagram and gritting my teeth and demanding ‘show me more’ – the wait was worth it!

  4. There is so much to love about this quilt! That sashing design is perfect–it really sets off the blocks. But your quilting! Now that’s a touch of magic. Well worth the time custom quilting each dog so each one has it’s own personality. Such a wonderful quilt and a perfect memory of your bee mates. I need to get going on mine! Thanks so much for sharing this on Wednesday Wait Loss. It’s so special!

  5. Wow, this is so fantastic!!!! I’ve been looking forward to seeing this completed project for a long time and man was it worth the wait! These dogs are so fabulous and it’s great knowing that many of them are based on real pups. I love seeing my Ivy-Girl in the middle left. The colors in this are just so great and that sashing could not be a better fit. I love everything about this and hope you get to enjoy it!

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