A Busy Sewing Weekend

I had some time to myself this past weekend so I spent it getting caught up on a few projects.

First up, the Bee Blocks for my group.  We had 2 Bee Queens in March in order to avoid doing blocks during busier months later in the year.  I got one Queen’s blocks completed and sent off in March, but wound up with it being mid-April and both the 2nd March and the April blocks to do.

First order of business – pull some fabrics.  I had help.  This is Sarafina – we call her Saffy.

I made Paige’s I-spy blocks for March first.  She wanted blocks for a quilt for a teen-aged girl, so Saffy helped me dig.

My first block used math fabric – all teen aged girls need math (says the female engineer):

My second block has aliens, because – you know, New Mexico!

The last one used polka dots because I was really feeling the polka dots this weekend.  Here all three of them are together.  I hope Paige likes them.

For April, Emily asked for a star made with blue and red fabrics.  It was a paper pieced block, and I like to paper piece, but for some reason this one block took me an entire morning to do.  I then promptly forgot to take a photo of it before sending it off to Emily, so here is the photo from her blog post introducing us to the block.  My block was blue with little white polka dots with white edges.  Again…feeling the polka dots…


Next up was a quilt for a baby due in June.  I bought this cute Dr. Seuss One Fish/Two Fish Fat Quarter bundle a few months ago and designed a quilt around the panels.  I cut it out Friday night and pieced a lot of the background squares at my Quilt Guild Sew Day on Saturday.  I finished putting together the rows Sunday and Monday.  It is kind of busy, but I think it is cute:


Last up, and the one I’m the most exited about, is finally getting my Dog Blocks together into a top.  These blocks were sent to me by my Bee-mates when I was Queen last year.  The patterns for these blocks are from the Dog Gone Cute quilt along from Sew Fresh Quilts.  I made a few extra blocks to fill in the top and designed a sashing plan to connect them all together.  Many of the quilts I’ve seen made from these blocks didn’t have sashing, but when you have blocks from many different people it is difficult to get the whites to match, so the blocks didn’t look quite right directly next to each other.  I did the X’s in the sashing in white to help tie the whites together, then added a lot of color to pull out all the different dog fabric color.  This required a lot of piecing of 2.5″ squares (after doing ~150 improv X blocks):

I finished the X blocks on Saturday, then pieced the sashing and sewed the rows together Sunday and Monday.  I think it came out really cool!

All Bee blocks have been mailed off, and I’m really excited to start quilting both my finished quilt tops.

it was a fun and productive weekend!



5 thoughts on “A Busy Sewing Weekend”
  1. Wow, your dogs look fantastic! I am so impressed at the amount of piecing you had to do for that border–it really looks great! I’m sorry my block took you an entire morning to piece 🙁 I also really like the Seuss quilt–the polka dot frames are especially nice. You really did have a busy sewing weekend!

    1. Thanks! I’m happy with how it came out – I made a sashing plan and was a bit daunted by the number of little squares it required, but it actually wan’t too bad. And it was worth it!
      I don’t know why that block took me so long. I hadn’t really paper pieced for awhile so it took some time to get the hang of it again. I think it’s cute – I hope you will like it. I’m looking forward to seeing that quilt!

  2. I love the X block sashing on the Dog Gone Quilt, so many fun colors it really ties all the puppies together. Saffy looks like she is a well trained quilty kitty…right in the middle of everything 🙂

    1. Indeed, Saffy is very helpful – just ask her!
      That’s what I was hoping for with the sashing – using the white and all the colors to try and pull it all together. I think it worked out really well. It should be fun to quilt!
      thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Yes, those dogs are super cute but I am MOSTLY impressed by that sashing you made. WOW! And you are absolutely right. It turned out pretty cool! Not only did it do the job you were hoping for with tying the whites together, it looks amazing!

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