Q2’18 FAL – Goal Setting

Here we are in Q2 already.  I have a bunch of projects in the works and I’m hoping to start some new things too:


Dog Gone Cute Bee Quilt – these are the blocks from my Bee group last year.  They are so cute!  During Q1’18 I added 2 more blocks to fill it out and decided and started on a layout and sashing plan. I’m hoping to make some good progress at my Quilt Guild sew in this weekend.


Red and Blue Squares – all the little squares are cut out and ready to sew together.  Lots of squares and seams to match up.  At this point I have the top mostly pieced so I should get it loaded and quilted soon.

Hawaiian batiks –  I finally bought the sashing fabric, so this guy is ready to be finished.  I cut all the sashing out but I still think the layout is not quite right, so I have some more work to do before I’ll get this guy done.

Sewing Machine Bag – I won 2 bag patterns from Sew Sweetness in the 2017 FAL, which was so cool!  One of them, the Aeroplane bag, is the perfect size for my new lightweight sewing machine  that I bought for classes.  I’ve made a good start on the bag and should finish it soon.

Dr. Seuss Go Fish Quilt – I need to make another baby quilt, and these fabrics are just so cute.  It should be a fun one.


The Cat Quilt – I have a plan for this quilt, as well as the fabric, but I need to figure out how to get it put together.


I have a bunch more fabric pulled out as I’m trying to figure out new projects, so I might start on something entirely different too.  We will see how things go!

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9 thoughts on “Q2’18 FAL – Goal Setting”
  1. This is a great list with lots of fun projects on it! I’m especially excited to see Doggone Cute, your cat, and the Hawaiian batiks. Good luck this quarter!

    1. Thanks! I think it will be interesting if I can figure out how I want to do it! I think I’ll have to do a test on some other fabric because cutting into my Tula is making me too nervous! Thanks for your good luck wishes!

  2. Is the batik quilt applique? The cat design is going to be amazing. I hope you’ll post some of your process on that one. On behalf of the FAL crew, good luck!

    1. HI Ella, yes, the batik quilt is made up of 12 hand appliquéd Hawaiian blocks. I’m hopeful for the cat design – I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to pull it off, but it think it will be cool if I can figure it out!
      Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your work hosting the FAL!

  3. Wow are you ever ambitious! Nice selection of UFOs. I am curious about the batik applique, the colors are very lovely. Hope you make some time to sew often and get these fun projects done. xx

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