Red and Blue Squares Finish – seems like a good one for the 4th!

When I completed my Splendid Sampler late 2016/early 2017, one of the goals was to use up a bunch of my red and blue fabric stash.  Surprisingly, even though that quilt was huge, I didn’t use up as much fabric as I hoped.  I did use up a bunch more piecing the backing of that quilt, but I also decided to cut up a bunch of 2.5″ squares to try and use up some more.  This quilt was the result of those scraps.

Originally I was just going to do a random placement, but I decided to try to do a scrappy Irish Chain instead.  I drew up a plan in EQ8, but then it sat for awhile because I wasn’t sure how to piece it together effectively because there were so many small pieces!

I finally bit the bullet and started to piece it in Q1’18, then finished the top and quilted it in Q2’18.  Since this from a bunch of scraps, I decided I wanted to use it to do more machine quilting practice.  My goal with my quilting plan was to try and pull forward the red chains so they were more noticeable against all the scrappiness.

This is the final result:

You can see the red chains a bit better from a distance:

some close ups of the quilting – I’m sad that quilting is so hard to see.  I was practicing feathers in some of the blue areas between the chains, continuous curves in the red blocks, and making pebbles nice and round with good backtracking so they don’t look messy.  I also quilted some straight lines to make a diamond pattern that kind of fades into the background.  Of course you can see absolutely none of this.  🙁  I think I’m getting too good at choosing blending thread colors.

The back:

A photo with Pagosa Peak in the background:

I enjoyed practicing, but I put a TON of time and quilting into this quilt and I really don’t think you can see it very well.  I think if I had to do it again, I’d do something more simple – or use a more contrasting thread – but the practice was very good!

Have a very safe and happy 4th of July!



This was on my Q2’18 FAL list, so I look forward to linking it up.  I got it done just in the nick of time!



Also linking up with Wednesday Wait Loss with the Inquiring Quilter – she is having a special Red White and Blue Quilt Link up!

9 thoughts on “Red and Blue Squares Finish – seems like a good one for the 4th!”
  1. This is a fun use of the scraps and I like the faded Irish Chain look it gives up close. I can see some of the quilting in the photo.. It’s a great finish for the 4th of July.

  2. Next quilt I get to quilt (once I get to go home to my longarm!!), I’m going to try to use a contrasting thread in some of the quilting. Your diamonds are cool and would have been more visible in red or white thread. Maybe all of the straight lines would have stood out a bit in white…even the continuous curves in the red would have worked with white thread. Now, we just need to be brave and use contrasting thread!!! I love the quilting you did on this one – thanks for the close-up pictures!

  3. I love your quilting none-the-less, but understand how maybe you didn’t want to put as much work into it as you did. But the result is lovely, so I’d call it a win! Not to mention the valuable practice you got. Not that you need it…your quilting is awesome! Thanks for sharing this red, white, and blue lovely on my special Wednesday Wait Loss link up.

  4. What a stunner, perfect for July 4, or year round really. Job well done and congrats on the finish! Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2018 global Finish-A-Long hosts.

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