Q3’17 FAL – Wrap Up

I only got two done this quarter, but they were big ones.  Both were block of the month or quilt along projects from 2016.  I’m really happy to have them completed, and I’ve overjoyed with how they came out.

This is the list I started with:


  1. Sugar Block Club 3.0  – top is done, back is done, batting is ready to go.  It is actually loaded on the frame now and I’ve started quilting.  UPDATE:  DONE!!  I posted the finished quilt here I entered it into the New Mexico State Fair and won a First Place ribbon as well as Best Modern Quilt.  YAY!!
  2. Splendid Sampler – top is done, back is done.  I’m kind of scared to quilt this one, but I bet it will be cool.  UPDATE:  DONE!!  I posted the finished quilt here.
  3. Bee Quilt – the 20 embroidered blocks are done.  I need to piece the top, then on to quilting.  UPDATE:  Top is done, need to figure out the backing and get up the courage to quilt it.
  4. Blueberry Park Drunkard’s Path – still looking for inspiration to piece this one and get it moving.  UPDATE: I’ve started to put the top together, but it isn’t done yet.
  5. Hawaiian batiks – need to figure out how I want to assemble the top, buy some setting/sashing fabric, and get it put together.  UPDATE:  no progress
  6. Red and Blue Squares – this started with me trying to use up all my scraps from my Splendid Sampler, and now I don’t have enough blue scraps to finish what I planned.  Oh crud, more fabric!  UPDATE: I have the whole quilt cut and have enough pieces – need to assemble it now.
  7. Bright Puzzle – I found this bag of cut pieces ready to go in a bin in my sewing room recently and decided to whip it together for another long arm practice piece.  UPDATE:   Top is done, ready for quilting.  This one will be a good longarm practice quilt.

Only 2 finishes, but they were big ones, and I got 3 other quilt tops together and ready to quilt.  Not a bad quarter at all!


My original Q3 list was posted here.  Linking up with the Q3’17 FAL page



Bloggers Quilt Festival – Splendid Sampler Entry

Time again for the Bloggers Quilt Festival!  I did just post about my finished Splendid Sampler but I’m so happy with it, here it is again as an entry for the Festival:

I recently did a longer post with more detail photos of the quilting here…so head on over to that post if you want to see more!

This guy was really a labor…and eventually a labor of love!  I kept up with all of the blocks during 2016 when they were released, and now it is a great album of a year where I personally experience a lot of change.  I also had a ton of fun quilting it, and I’m so proud of how it came out.

Linking up with the Bloggers Quilt Festival as my first entry.  Thanks to Amy for hosting the Festival again.

The Finished Splendid Sampler

It is a big quilt, and it is finished!

I started the Splendid Sampler in February 2016 when it first came out and they were releasing 2 blocks a week.  I did reasonably well keeping up, and the quilt is now a nice memory of 2016.  I designed the sashing, which I love, and then just had the quilting left to do.  It is the largest quilt I’ve done yet on my longarm.

Here is the finished quilt:

I did a ribbon candy motif in the sashing, and quilted all of the blocks differently.  I mostly echoed the appliqué, did all-over patterns in the embroidery, and then designed a pattern for each of the patchwork blocks.

Here are some close ups.  I also really over-grammed the blocks as I made progress, so if you would like to see more, head on over to my Instagram account (@brownpawsquilting).

This is the back.  I used all fabrics from my stash to do the blocks and I still had a bunch left over.  I used the leftover fabric for the sashing and for the back.

Final details:

Quilt is 77″ wide and 92″ long.

I used Aurifil 2021 (Natural White) on the top and Bottom Line 623 in the bobbin.

There are 475,669 quilting stitches, and took almost 33 hours.

This was a fun quilt – it was great to do, and now it is fun to look at each of the blocks and remember what I was doing during the year when I made each of them.  I think I’ll try to hang it in my sewing room so I can see it often.


This was on my Q3’17 Finish list, so I’ll be linking up with the Q3’17 FAL page




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