Q2 FAL Wrap Up

It’s time to wrap up Q2’s FAL.  I was pretty ambitious with my goal setting, both because I was off work for most of Q2 and there is no penalty for not finishing projects on your list.  I will confess many of these are still works in progress.

Here was my list:

1.  My Facets quilt from Christa Watson’s Facets QAL.  UPDATE:  DONE!  It’s called ‘Do the Math’, and I posted about it here:

finished 2


2.  My second priority was to quilt my Dyed Houses quilt.  I’ve been working on this one for a very long time and am (STILL) looking forward to getting it done.  UPDATE:  NOT DONE.  I did baste it and it is ready to quilt.  However I want to quilt it with large, rolling swirls, and I’m just not sure I’ve mastered the swirls I want to use for this quilt.  I’ll add this one to the Q3 list.

3.  A quick finish will be my Chemistry tumbler quilt, which really just needs a bit more quilting and binding.  UPDATE:  DONE!  I posted about Chemistry here, and here she is:

finished chemistry

4.  My Hawaiian sampler quilt needs to be assembled into a top, basted and quilted.  UPDATE:  NOT DONE.  I did absolutely nothing on this poor quilt.  I did look at the blocks once and consider trying to find some sashing for it, but that was about it!

5.  I just love the Blueberry Park line, so I bought a fat quarter stack of those to make into a Plusses quilt.  UPDATE:  NOT DONE.  I’m kind of struggling to figure out what I want to do with these.  I’ll add this one to Q3 as well.

6.  I need to replenish my supply of zipper bags and sunglasses cases, so I’ve started pulling out fabrics for that.  UPDATE:  DONE!  I made a whole mess of bags and cases, and posted about them here.  I also bought a bunch of zippers and cool fat quarters, so I’ll likely continue to keep on making these because they are fun to make.

whole group

7.  And finally, my green and black accented quilt.  I had started quilting it but I really didn’t like how it was turning out.  I either need to just go with it and finish it as is, or do some ripping and try a new approach.  UPDATE:  NOT DONE, but…I did make some decisions.  I signed up for a long arm class at a local quilt shop and they told me to bring a few quilt tops to work on during the class.  This seemed like a really good opportunity to finish this quilt, so this is one I will bring.  I started ripping out the old quilting stitches last week and should get it finished shortly.  I’ll add this on to the Q3 list as well.

While I didn’t finish all the items on my list, and I am kind of bummed I didn’t get Row Houses Quilted, the projects I did finish were kind of big ones.  Also, I worked on a bunch of other things that I really enjoyed that were not on the list:

1.  Recovered the outdoor cushions.  (Posted about that here…maybe this was wasn’t the project I enjoyed the most this quarter! )

2.  Attended a Victoria Findlay Wolfe workshop and used that to help with a challenge my ABQ MQG put on at the June meeting.  That quilt is nearing completion, and I’ll add that one to my Q3 list.

3.  Worked a ton on my machine quilting, which will help with Row Houses in the future.

4.  Kept up with both the Splendid Sampler and the Sugar Block Club…always a little bit behind, but not too bad!

So lots of good stuff!  Thanks to the group for hosting these quarterly link-ups.  It is good to set these goals and measure them, and see what everyone else is working on.

How did your Q2 go?

I liked up the individual finishes to the Q2’16 Finish-a-Long.

4 thoughts on “Q2 FAL Wrap Up”
  1. Love the facets quilt, want to make one myself now. Your quilting practices look great. And I can’t wait to see that houses quilt completed. Look forward to next quarter’s finish to see it (no pressure ;).

    1. The facets quilt was fun to do. I think I’m getting close on doing my swirls, so I’m definitely going to focus on getting that houses quilt done this quarter.

  2. Great finishes! The facets quilt is lovely. Great job! The tumbler quilt makes me smile.. I saw that chemistry fabric too and just had to get a little for a friend who’s a chemist. And that blueberry park! I dare anyone to resist it. Can’t wait to see what you make with yours. A plus quilt should be divine!

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