Zipper Bags and Glasses Cases

One of my projects for this quarter was to do a bunch of zipper bags and glasses cases.  I once had a big stock of them, but over time my stockpile ran dry.  I love to make these – they are a great way to play with cute fabric, I use the cases for lots of things, and I love to give them away.  My mom also put in a request for a few sets to give for Christmas, so I wanted to get her a selection to choose from.

This is a selection of all the cases I made in this sitting.  I made several duplicates of similar fabrics.

whole group


The zipper cases are easy to make and are a good opportunity to practice machine quilting.  In fact I got going on this batch because I wanted to do some machine quilting practice before starting in on a big quilting job.  I decided to use these guys as practice rather than make muslin scrap quilt sandwiches.  I’ll do another post later on my work to improve my machine quilting!

Here are a few more photos of the zipper cases coming together.

Prepping the zipper – I learned my method from Terry Atkinson’s books and patterns.  Now I use this method and adapt it any size case I want to make.

zipper end

Top stitching detail next to the zipper – I love the cocktail fabric!

zipper top stitch

Adding zig-zag stitching to the edges to prevent fraying.

zipper zig zag edge

It was hot, I was doing a lot of zippers, and sometimes a Summer Shandy is just in order!

zipper measuring - beer

I made these small card cases for the first time.  This was the first one.  It came out well, but the zipper method I use adds fabric to the ends of the zipper which made the opening a bit small.

small case - narrow


With my next one, I left the fabric off one edge (the right) and thinned the fabric on the edge where the zipper stops (the left).

small case better

This made a wider opening and I like it better, but the side with no fabric on the edge of the zipper is going to fray.  For my next one I’m going to try the thinner fabric on both sides.

The cocktail cases in 2 sizes – big (~9″ wide x 5″ tall) – and a pencil case size (~7″ wide x 3.5″ tall).

cocktail ZC

This fabric was cute and had lots of colors.  I used brightly colored zippers and yellow stripes for the linings.

blue ZC

And I just got a bunch of new zippers off Amazon for a great price, so I’ll be making more!

new zippers

I also made a bunch of glasses cases at the same time.  These are really cool because they have a snap-back closure at the top.  I bought a pattern from Stitchin’ Sisters some time ago showing the method, and I adapted it to make cases big enough for sunglasses.  I’ve also seen tutorials for bags using a similar idea in several places online, calling them snap bags.  Old measuring tapes are used in the enclosure and they snap closed – so cool!

You prepare the case by making sandwich of outside fabric, lining that is a bit longer, and batting.  After quilting the sandwich, get it squared up and even on both sides to prepare to hem down the ends.  Here my pin chicken is helping me out…

glasses case measuring

Hemming down the lining over the outside fabric to make a casing.

GC hem pressing

Inserting the cut measuring tape into the edge casings.

GC tape insertion

Sewing up the sides, making sure the edges and hems match…then zig-zag the edges.

GC side stitching

A selection of completed cases.  I’ve adopted the one on the far left.

finished GC

I had a great time making my cases, and still have a few more in progress.  The are very useful to have around!

finished zipper cases


These cases were on my Q2 FAL list (link to original Q2 FAL goal list), so I will be linking up there once the end of the quarter link opens.

6 thoughts on “Zipper Bags and Glasses Cases”
  1. Such a wonderful idea to make a bunch of these to have on hand as gifts. I did a zippered pouch recently as part of the Brave Quilter challenge. I have a fear of zippers because they never turn out as nice as the photos. I’m not scared of them any more, but they still don’t turn out as pretty as yours! Guess I just need to practice more.

  2. I like that you are ready for gifting – it shows a generous nature and making these is a great way to practce your quilting! Congratulations on your finishes and thanks for linking up on behalf of your team of hosts

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