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We have a second home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  We bought our first place there in 2007 and enjoyed it thoroughly over the years.  It was small – half of a duplex – and there was no fence around the yard.  This made the yard look quite nice, but was pretty inconvenient for our pack of pups.  In mid-late 2019 we bought a new place that is a stand-alone house and has a great fence for the pups.

I saw a quilted Colorado Flag on Instagram awhile ago, and the new place has a great spot in the hallway for one to hang.  I measured the space and designed a flag to fit.

This is the finished product, hanging on our deck:

The lighting in this photo is good and you can see the quilting quite nicely.  I did an echoed meander in the white, which I love because it looks like a topographic map.  I did mountains in the top section and a river in the bottom section.

Here is some detail of the quilting – the top:

The river in the bottom:

the big C, which was a wedge in red with an appliquéd center yellow circle:

The final quilt:

and looking out our backyard (hanging on the all-important fence!)

We just love Pagosa and get up there as often as we can.  It is bright and cool there, and we love the town.

Final Details:

  • Finished 36″x24″
  • Warm and Natural batting
  • Isacord 7561 (yellow), Isacord 2991 (red), Glide 32965 (blue), Isacord 0010 (white).  I matched all of the top colors with the bobbin threads.
  • 73,478 total quilting stitches.
2 thoughts on “Colorado Flag”
  1. Love it! I admit, I didn’t know what the Colorado state flag looked like but I now! I agree, your meander looks like topo maps, very cool. What a great project!

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