Smirking Ghosts

This pattern seemed like it was the big thing online last year, but I just really didn’t need another project. A year later, getting closer to Halloween, I kept seeing this quilt again. I kind of have a rule of thumb – if I see something I like but don’t really need I admire it, but walk away. If I keep seeing it and it keeps calling to me, I consider it a sign, break down and buy it. 🙂

I had a bunch of grunge in my stash and decided to make my ghosts from that. I also had some Kona Snow for the background, and making the whole thing from my stash was appealing. I cut out all the pieces one weekend then packed it up as my retreat project.

Piecing took some time, but I got it together and ready to quilt. I found a pantograph that looked like the wind, which was perfect. I didn’t get him done for Halloween, but it was pretty close so I was happy.

Here he is. I arranged my ghosts to go from lightest in the upper left to darker as you go right and down.

I love the swirly wind!

This is the back. I love the purple grunge, and I decided to go with a darker color for a fall quilt.

I had fun experimenting with a black and white striped binding, which came out so cool:

I’m calling him Smirking Ghosts because for some reason I had a hard time piecing the ghost mouths straight. I kept attaching the bottom piece crooked so it looked like the ghost was smirking. It is actually harder to see in the finished quilt, which I’m both happy and kind of disappointed about. They were kind of funny that way.

Maggie helped a little with the photographs, but not really and not very willingly:

I think this one is funny for some reason. I interrupted her on her way somewhere it seems…

Final Details:

  • Finished 54″x76″ (I added an extra row to the pattern and made it longer)
  • Quilters Dream Blend 70/30 Batting
  • So Fine#50, color #517 (a light yellow) in the top and bottom
  • Around 132,979 total quilting stitches, using a digital pantograph called Gale from UrbanElementz

Link Ups:

  • This was a finish on my Q4’19 FAL list so I will be posting it on the FAL linky at the end of the quarter.
1 thought on “Smirking Ghosts”
  1. This is so fun! I like your theory of what continues to call to you. I’ve seen this pattern a few times and like it every time. Your swirls are great, really add to the atmosphere!

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