Susan’s Swirly Fall Quilt

I’ve been doing a bit more quilting for clients recently, which I’ve really been enjoying.  I love quilting on my longarm, and it is a fun to see other people’s work.

I met Susan through a mutual friend.  She does a lot of stamping and card making, but this was her first quilt.  She did such a great job with it – it is so pretty, and it was really very flat and square.

I had been wanting to add a swirl pattern to my computerized quilting library and recently purchased this pattern.  We chose a darker yellow thread to go with the fall-like colors of the quilt, and I got to work.

Here she is all loaded up:

The first row of swirls:

adding more and more swirls.  I love how they interlock together:

all finished, off the frame and trimmed up a bit:

This is the back.  I think the yellow thread looks awesome:

Susan finished up the binding with the darker fabric from the back and sent me a few photos:

and you know I love the photos with a dog or cat photobomb.  She got 2 pups into this photo!

I’m so happy she’s happy with how it turned out.  She even brought me these great cards as a thank you – they are so pretty!

I have to admit I never got into stamping or card making.  I really kind of thought it was a slippery slope – so many stamps!  so many ink colors!  so many cool things to make!  Susan makes some really neat things – you can follow her over at

Thanks Susan for letting me quilt your first quilt!


6 thoughts on “Susan’s Swirly Fall Quilt”
  1. Oh, I do love those swirls! I wish I could do them that perfectly FMQ style. This is Susan’s first quilt? It’s gorgeous! And the quilting is the icing on the cake!

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