Drunken Blueberry Quilt Finish

I have an unhealthy addition to Karen Lewis fabrics, and Blueberry Park in particular.  Any time I see it for sale I buy more of it.  At this point I think I have it in every color – all the blues/greens, reds/oranges/yellows, and yes, even all the greys/tans/blacks.  It is really pretty stuff.  🙂

I found an old template set for drunkard’s path blocks I don’t even remember buying, pulled out the blues/greens, and just started to put together blocks.  I love the blocks, but I had a really hard time getting up the motivation to finish the top.  I let it sit almost a year, but recently got my act in gear and    pieced the top together.

After getting the top together, I loaded it up pretty quickly.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the quilting, but I figured if I got it loaded up it would push me make a decision.

I knew I wanted to do something with the blue/green color pieces to tie them together and give the ‘route’ taken a sense of movement.  I also didn’t want to do so much quilting in those pieces that it would take away from the beautiful fabric.

I pulled out a few of the rulers I bought recently to find the right shapes to do an echo around and a continuous curve inside the blue/green pieces.  I came up with this:

For the background, I decided to do some improv quilting to get some nice texture:

I split the background into 3 sections moving across the quilt, with leaves on the right, swirls in the center and paisleys on the left.  I also added some feathers randomly here and there because, hey, feathers are cool.

Here is the final finished quilt:

Some close ups:

Here is the back – this isn’t a very interesting picture, but I love the polka-dot fabric:

This one of the back is cooler, with the front shining through:

Final Details – Drunken Blueberry Quilt

55″ wide by 66″ long

Quilted using So Fine #50, #503  (a light gray) in the top and bobbin.  Over 168,000 quilting stitches.

Pretty day in December to take outdoor quilt photos!

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This was also on my Q4 FAL list, so I will link up there at the end of the quarter.






9 thoughts on “Drunken Blueberry Quilt Finish”
  1. This is just phenomenal Anne. I have an unhealthy fascination with blueberry park as well and I see Karen is releasing a new round of colours/patterns soon with previews between Christmas and New Year. I couldn’t be more excited! Anyway – your quilting is amazing and what a great design to showcase this range. Congrats on a fantastic finish!

    1. Thanks so much Sue. I’ve seen that too, and I am resisting buying more. She even has a monthly subscription that looks very dangerous. Thanks again for your kind words.

  2. Nice! I love how all the blocks are arranged. Your quilting is fantastic, too. And you’ve taken excellent photos so we can see it! Well done! (PS – I might have a similar problem with Denyse Schmidt fabrics.)

  3. Wow if ever a quilt top deserved to be finished it’s this one! Beautiful top and awesome quilting. Fabulous finish. On behalf of the 2017 FAL hosts, thank you for participating in this quarter’s Finish Along.

    1. Thank you so much! I was really happy to get it done and happy with how it came out.
      Thank you and all the other hosts for all the work you do for the FAL. Thanks for stopping by, and Happy New Year!

  4. Wow, that is a beautiful quilt! Love the drunkards patch layout and your quilting is very intricate, like the insides of the circles the most. Congrats on the finish.

    1. Thank you so much! I agonized long and hard over that layout and had a lot of fun with the quilting. It was kind of a fun experiment.

      Thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by.

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