Bright Squares

I pulled out another old quilt top I had laying around for more longarm practice.

I’m realizing that I have a tendency to just want to quilt things with one all over pattern, so I’m trying to break that habit.  I bought both of Angela Walters’ Shape by Shape books and used them for inspiration to choose different motifs for each square on the quilt.  As an aside, I took the books to my local Kinko’s store and had them spiral bound, which is the best thing ever.

This is the quilt all ironed and ready to load:

Bright Squares

Here she is all finished.  I used a lightish gray Isacord thread on the top and bottom.  There are lots of colors in this quilt, and I think that gray is a good blender across all of them.

Detail of the quilting, front and back:













I also used this opportunity to practice some more machine binding:

It isn’t a very big quilt – about 35″ square – so it finished up pretty quickly.  My quilting isn’t perfect by any means, but I tried a lot of new things and am really happy with how it came out.  I’ll use most of these motifs in future quilts.

I’m not sure if this quilt is big enough for a Project Linus – if not, my local Bernina store has a donation bin for quilts for animal shelters.  I think the pups will enjoy it, and they won’t mind my wobbly stitches.

This quilt was on my Q1’17 FAL list, so I’ll be linking it up when the time comes.

3 thoughts on “Bright Squares”
  1. Awesome quilting! Great name for your blog. We have a Maggie dog who must be a cousin of your Leo. She is a brown spotted paw (heeler-x) dog too! Maybe Leo needs an Instagram page as well 😉

    1. Thanks so much! I love his brown paws. I’d do a page for Leo, but he really acts like he doesn’t to have his picture taken. Maggie loves it, but Leo acts like a grumpy 2 year old. He likes to let Maggie be the star and just participate every now and then! 🙂

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