About a year ago the AQS came through Albuquerque and had a big show.  It was really cool that they came here, and it was a good exhibition.

At the show I bought a bunch of fabric, and one of the bundles was a group of math/science fat quarters.  As an engineer I thought this was really cool stuff.  I’d never made a tumbler quilt, and I thought it would be a good pattern to show off large parts of the neat fabric.  I pieced it last year, and based it over Christmas, but needed to get on with the quilting!

Here it is all based and ready to go:

basted chemistry

I decided to do a line echo quilting pattern, but instead of straight lines I used a wavy line stitch on my Bernina.  I thought the wavy lines looked like standing waves, so it seemed it fit with the theme!  I also quilted the lines heading in one direction diagonally, and then picked a point about three quarters of the way down to turn 90 degrees.

chemistry quilting

Quilting in Progress

chemistry binding

Adding binding – I did the binding entirely by machine, which is something I’m still mastering

finished chemistry

The whole finished quilt

 chemistry close up 2

chemistry close up

A few close ups

chemistry back

The back – you can see the 90 degree turn and the wavy lines a bit better in this shot

This was one of my Q2’16 FAL goals  (link to original Q2 FAL goal list), so I’ll be linking this up with that page.  Great to get one done, and to experiment with a new machine quilting pattern.

Facets QAL, part 1

I don’t exactly remember how I first discovered Christa Watson’s blog, but I have been a subscriber for a few years.  I have really enjoyed following her journey as she built her quilting business, and have learned a great deal from her along the way.

In September, 2015 she published her first book, Machine Quilting with Style:  From Walking-foot Wonders to Free-motion Favorites, and it is a good one.  One of my goals is to improve my machine quilting, so between my Christa fan-girl status and my quilting goal this book was a must have!

At the beginning of 2016 Christa kicked off a quilt-a-long for one of the quilts in the book, called Facets.  I have never done a quilt along, never done improv piecing, and liked the quilt, so it seemed like a good project.  I really don’t take quilt classes, and tend to look at things to decide what I like and create my own quilts from those ideas rather than following patterns, but I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the process.  I learned a lot from Christa and from the others in the group.  So much inspiration!

I had a piece of Sweetwater Elementary Fabric with all these equations and math on it that I loved, but just couldn’t find the right use for.  After seeing Kristy Daum’s version during Christa’s blog hop, I knew I’d found a home for my fabric.  With that, I went off and bought a jellyroll of the Julie of Jaybird Quilts palette of Kona solids to use for the improv triangles.  I love blues and greens, and this palette is just awesome.

Facets fabrics

Step one was to do the improv piecing for the triangles.  I found this process daunting.  In retrospect, I cut the jellyroll strips at too much of an angle, which made putting the strips together a bit more difficult than it needed to be.  I do really like how the improv triangles came out, but I would do it differently the next time and I was glad I only had to do enough for one strip!









The next step was to cut the triangles from the Elementary fabric and to cut out the black triangles.  In her book Christa recommended two triangle rulers to create these pieces, and I’m so glad I bought them.  Previously, I only had straight rulers and didn’t see the point of specialty rulers, but these were really nice and really helpful.  Good adds to my toolbox!

cutting black trianges

After that, it was lots of block assembly!  My chicken pin cushion was very helpful with this step.


I made good progress, but soon ran out of the Elementary fabric.  I thought about making a smaller quilt, but decided if I could find more fabric I’d make the full quilt.

This photo is the partial top before I got enough fabric to finish the whole thing.  It shows a good close-up of the facets blocks.


This is the finished quilt top – taken between gusts on a very windy New Mexico spring day!

facets wall

And now to quilt it.  It is big!  I haven’t quilted anything this large in a long time.  It will take me some time, but I think it will be cool when it is done.  More coming later as I get it done!

Quilting facets

Q2’16 Finish Along – Brown Paws Quilting

This is my first time joining the FAL, and my first time linking up to anything…so experiments all around!

I have plenty of projects to choose from, and I hope to have plenty of time to get some done as I will be on sabbatical from work for most of Q2’16.  The place where I work has a lovely benefit where every 7 years you are eligible for an 8-week sabbatical.  This one will be my third (!) and I am SO looking forward to it!

Here are my hopeful finishes:


My first priority is to finish my Facets quilt from Christa Watson’s Facets QAL.  This one has lots of quilting on it – more dense than I usually do – so it will take some time to get done.

My second priority is to quilt my Dyed Houses quilt.  I’ve been working on this one for a very long time and I’m looking forward to getting it done.  I want to quilt it with large, rolling swirls, so I need to figure that out.

A quick finish will be my Chemistry tumbler quilt, which really just needs a bit more quilting and binding.

My Hawaiian sampler quilt needs to be assembled into a top, basted and quilted.

I just love the Blueberry Park line, so I bought a fat quarter stack of those to make into a Plusses quilt.

I need to replenish my supply of zipper bags and sunglasses cases, so I’ve started pulling out fabrics for that.

And finally I started quilting this green and black accented quilt, but I really don’t like how it was turning out.  I either need to just go with it and finish it as is, or do some ripping and try a new approach.

So those are my hopeful finishes for Q2’16!  This list will help me stay focused on these as priorities, while I also try and keep up with my Splendid Sampler blocks twice weekly.  I’ll post as I go through the quarter and hopefully knock a bunch of these out!

Linked up to the Q2’16 Finish-a-Long.

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