Q2’19 FAL Goals

I was on a roll in Q1’19.  Of 11 projects that I planned I finished 6 – a few of which were only in the fabric pull stage when the quarter started.  I hope to be as productive in Q2’19!

1. Generative Grunge HSTs:  I’ll write more about this later, but I’ve settled on a design and made all the HSTs:

2.  Chickens:  I was the bee queen in March for my Bee Inspired Quilt group.  We are doing a different format this year, so I asked for chicken blocks to make a few quilts for charity.  I’ll need to make more blocks, get the tops together and get them quilted.  The blocks my bee mates have sent so far have been so cute!

Blocks from Janice
Blocks from Velda

3.  Tote Bags:  My retreat buddies make a lot of bags during our retreats.  I saw this bag as a sample from a local shop and ran out and bought the materials to make three!  (I really love the Rifle Paper Company fabric 🙂 )

4. Spinning Stars:  I made a few of these blocks last fall.  I need to decide on a setting.  Maybe just a few blocks and lots of negative space?

5. Birds Quilt:  just a fabric pull for now –

6. Basic Mixology Inch quilt:  also just a fabric pull at this point –

7. Dots:  I cut up the jelly roll into squares and now have a bunch of piecing to do:

Another good list of fun projects.  I also need to work on doing some design work to keep using my stash as well as come up with more projects to practice my custom quilting.

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3 thoughts on “Q2’19 FAL Goals”
  1. I love your projects! I will be making you chickens this weekend to add to your flock. I especially love your spinning star blocks!

  2. I’m overdue on some chickens, too! I love your fabric pulls! On behalf of the FAL crew, I’ll be waving pompoms to cheer you on. Thanks for joining in!

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