Wednesday Wait Loss – Blueberry Park Drunkard’s Path

It is time to get this bad boy done.

I pieced the blocks last year, and decided on a direction for the layout.  My cat Sarafina was helping that day.

I then proceeded to sit on it for nearly a year.

About 3 months ago I opened up EQ7 and worked out a layout plan, and actually started piecing the top.  I think I was watching a Wimbledon match while I was doing the rows.

I got about halfway done…and stopped AGAIN.

I am pulling these blocks out again this weekend and I pledge to get this top done!

…then I’ll just have to quilt it…

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wait Loss – Blueberry Park Drunkard’s Path”
  1. I love Blueberry Park, so of course the colors in this quilt simply sing to me! I love how you describe the process of sewing it together as “like watching a Wimbledon match.” Made me grin. Kudos to you for using EQ to figure out your layout. I used it like that all the time before I got into designing patterns. It’s so useful for figuring out fabrics without cutting! Saved me tons of times.

    So here is your official WWL cheer! You can do this. I mean, Ann, you’re halfway done! So put on some music, grab a bowl of chocolate and treat yourself for each row done. And if you get it loaded on the longarm, treat yourself again with something bigger! This quilt so needs a finish. It’s beautiful, and with your quilting it will be beautiful-er. (Is that a word? Who cares. It will be.)

    1. Thanks Jennifer! It is my goal for this weekend. It will be a good thing to do during football games this weekend.

      Actually, I was literally watching a Wimbledon match while I did the top half. I mentioned it here more as a memory that it was JULY..almost 4 MONTHS AGO…since I worked on it.

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