Sugar Block Club – June BOM

I wrote about the BOM my Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild is doing in a previous post – Amy Gibson’s Sugar Block Club.  The June block just came out, and I did a better job wrapping it up early in the month than I did in May.

The block this month is a large Maple Leaf, and it is pretty cool.  A really great opportunity to use a bunch of colorful fabrics!

Here is what I pulled from my Basic Mixologie stack for the leaf:


I’m trying to make sure I use new fabrics in the blocks and not just the same pieces over and over.  I hadn’t used a tan fabric yet, nor had I used the orange striped fat quarter.

The block came together pretty well, but there were a lot of squares of similar sizes and I got them mixed up for a time.  It required some focus to get it sorted out, so as I was consumed by that issue I neglected to take photos as I put the block together.

So limited photos today, but here is the final product – I think it came out pretty well!


I used another cream fabric with writing on it for the background.  This time I was more comfortable with the writing going in different directions, especially as the text on the fabric as printed went in all different directions!

So now 6 of 12 complete – halfway done, and suddenly halfway through the year!  Wow.


6 thoughts on “Sugar Block Club – June BOM”
  1. Hi Ann! Good job keeping up with the BOM. Things always get in the way and somehow I inevitably fall behind. Love the Sugar Block Club block! What a fun way to feature those fabrics. That background fabric is divine! I love text on fabrics. What’s it’s name? Do you know?

    1. Thanks! The fabric is from the Zen Chic for Moda collection – Modern Background in
      Paper. There are 3 colors in the Paper collection- white, eggshell and ‘fog’. You can get the same fabrics in black and grey too. I bought a big bundle of it for this BOM, and have so much I’m able to use it in other upcoming projects as well. This particular print is called ‘Notes’. If you google Zen Chic Modern Background you should be able to find it pretty easily! Good stuff.

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